Sunflower Fields Near DIA

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Last week, I headed out to Tower Road, where last year there was a huge field of sunflowers. No luck this year. Yesterday, late afternoon, I headed further east along I-70. Near the Watkins exit, I left the interstate. In the distance were fields of yellow that caught my attention, so I meandered through various roads to get there. As I walked along the roadside, I noticed one corn plant growing up among the sunflowers — a case of “pattern interrupted”!


Corn Among The Sunflowers

Most of the sunflowers face the rising sun, so I had the opportunity of shooting back-lighted flowers in the afternoon sunlight.


Backlit Sunflower

One of the flowers was side-lighted against a dark background. This was perfect for a black and white, monochrome conversion.


Single Sunflower

Walking carefully among the plants, I setup with a wide angle lens, and angled down to make this image that shows all the flowers facing east.


Field Of Sunflowers

The sunflowers were planted in rows, aligned east-west in this image. Shooting into the sun was going to be tough — the lens needs to be shaded to prevent flare spots. The lens already had a lens hood, but I had to shade the front of the lens with my hand to block the sun. I just love the all those flowers, with dark orange centers surrounded by yellow petals. In the distance were storm clouds, which added to the drama of this image.


Sunflowers And Distant Storm Clouds

With a long lens, I focused on the clump of sunflowers in the middle distance, so that they were peeking out behind the foreground flowers.


Sunflowers Peeking Out

I made several more images as the sun went down. After the sun disappeared below the horizon, the setting sun lighted up the clouds — pink against the blue sky. The grain elevator was also included to balance the composition in this image.


Sunflowers, After Sunset

While enjoying the sunflowers during the afternoon, I heard voices in the distance. Returning to the car, I found several cars parked along the roadside. Several visitors, some with school kids, had stopped nearby to enjoy these magnificent flowers.


Last Saturday our Meetup group had the August night shoot at Garland Park. This time we had light painting and sparks flying. After dark, we setup for this image of a fire wheel. The sparks are caused by glowing steel wool fragments.


Fire Wheel

Here is another image where we included an orb and light dancing! (on the right side).


Orb And Fire Wheel

Finally, we had a sombrero hat fire wheel, where the sparks fly horizontally.


Sombrero Hat Fire Wheel

After wards we did some light painting. Here is Diane with a light saber. She was moving on a swing in the kid’s playground, waving the light saber.


Diane With Light Saber

For more images, take a look at the Illuminate Workshops gallery on


Walking Along 14th Street

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A couple of weeks ago, I attended a Meetup Group that was meeting in a Downtown pub. During the walk from the Convention Center, I made several photographs along 14th Street. At the Theater Center, I stopped to look up at the roof. That star — never noticed that before — so I included it in this composition.


Theater Center Roof And Star

Several visitors were visiting or passing through the Center. I included this handrail as a lead-in to this group of visitors.


Theater Center Visitors

Along 14th Street are several triangular polished blocks. The polished surface has been etched or sandblasted to reveal a 14. The polished surface reflects the high-rise building and yellow building facade in this close-up image.


Reflections On 14

Behind me was some “Alley Art”. The two faces (elk and dog?) grabbed my interest.


Alley Art On 14th Street

Further down the street, was another triangular block. In this image, I chose a near-far composition with the road intersection and office block.


Intersection On 14th Street

Close to my destination, 14th Street meets with Cherry Creek. Several cyclists make use of the pathways along the creek, so I stopped to make some images of the cyclists. I was rewarded by this runner passing by the waterfalls.


Runner On Cherry Creek Creek Path

It was time to join the Meetup group. After the meeting, I headed back to Light Rail along a different route. In the shade of the building, I found the color contrast created by the mixture of the red rock wall panels and blue steelwork.


Rock Wall Panels And Sidewalk

Riding back on Light Rail, I had to switch lines at the Broadway station to reach my destination. The sun had just set and the moon had risen. The evening sky started to take on the deep blue hues that typically follows a sunset.


Sunset And Moonrise From Broadway Station

This sunset was the perfect end of the day.


On July 3rd, the Illuminate Workshops Meetup group met for a fireworks night shoot at Civic Center Park. This fireworks event takes place on the night before July 4th to celebrate Independence Day with music and fireworks. Crowds of people had made their way to Civic Center Park since late afternoon. Outside the State Capitol building, folks sat on the lawn to get a view of fireworks that would start later. I had never made an image with our State Capitol building, so after the sun had set, I made this image with a deep blue sky to contrast the golden dome.


Crowds At The Colorado State Capitol

A few of us had gathered in the incorrect location to meet the main body of photographers, so we headed over the the Justice Center. Outside the building were polished granite blocks that served as outdoor seating. The stone columns of the building were reflected in the highly polished surface.


Granite Reflections At Justice Center

In this image, I used the lights in the hand rails as a leading line to the little boy who was watching fireworks on the steps.


On The Justice Center Steps

Outside the Justice Center, people were gathered to view the firework display.


Watching Fireworks At Civic Center Park

While making images outside the Justice Center, I noticed the bugs circling in the warm air above the pavement lights, leaving lighted trails as they caught the light.


Bugs In The Light

Another firework spectator sitting among the columns…


Watching The Fireworks

In the past I had not had much success making images of fireworks. So I decided on a different approach for this image, where the firework trails were reflected in the windows.


Firework Reflections

Finally, I managed to make a decent image of the fireworks. The slight breeze in the air blew clouds of smoke that were lit by the blue lights of the City and County Building, below.


Fireworks Over City And County Building, No 2

Later we met up the main body of photographers at a nearby pub for a meal and beverages. Check out some more images of the firework show at Illuminate Photography Workshops Meetup site.



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