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With the trip to Iceland, I missed out on many of the fall colors in the mountains. Yesterday, I headed to the North Fork of the South Platte River, near Foxton. Here I found lots of fall colors, but no aspen. The picked a location along the riverside where I could explore the scenery. In the morning, I was viewing some of Charles Cramer’s images. This gave me some inspiration in capture the following image of the water flowing past the yellow fall colors on the far bank of the river.


Fall Colors On The North Fork

I guess all the rain and flowing rivers in Iceland must have inspired me to make the following image. I chose a long exposure, 1/5 second in this case, to capture the flowing movement of the river.


Water Flow On The North Fork

Further downstream, I found some grasses on the far bank. I was careful to include the boulder, surrounded by flowing water, in this composition.


Fall Colors And Riverside Grasses

It is always worthwhile to turn around while making photographs — in this case I was rewarded with this image. It was late in the afternoon and I found the falling sun backlighting the leaves in the tree as well as creating some catch lights in the water flowing down the river.


North Fork Rushing Past Fall Colors

I continue downstream along the North Fork and then headed up the South Fork of the river. In this image, I found the reds and yellows of the fall colors, mixed with the greens from the grasses, reflecting in the river.


South Fork Fall Color Reflections

The river was busy during the afternoon, probably because of people taking advantage of the recent warmer weather before the cold temperatures return. Passing vehicles kicked up dust that was lit by the lowering sun in one of the last images that I made for the day.


Backlit Dust, South Fork



The last couple of days were spent in the area of Akureyri. A couple of days ago, it rained the entire day. Yesterday morning, we were greeted with snow on the mountains. The wind was really pumping for the whole day. This led to some really great atmospheric images.


Clouds Above Mountains, Akureyri

Later in the afternoon, I captured this image of the sunlight falling on the church in the foreground. In this image, it took a while to find the right spot where the church was not set against a bright sky. The city of Akureyri is across the fjord.


View Towards Akureyri

Close by, I found “Huglist”. I’m not sure of why this guy is here; perhaps this has something to do with the adjacent museum. He stands about 12 foot tall.


Huglist, Akureyri

I made a trip to the waterfalls at Dettifoss. This is an image looking down on the falls. The amount of water flowing over the falls is huge, but this is difficult to appreciate from a still photo. I also made some videos clips, with audio, to record the power of all that water flowing down the gorge. This will have to wait until I get home.





Rainbows In Iceland — wk 39/40

There are lots of rainbows in Iceland! I made this panorama to that I could include the entire rainbow.


Lots Of Rainbows In Iceland

A couple of days ago, I discovered that Doctor Who came to Iceland! This is actually a monument to commemorate 100 years of telecoms in Iceland.


Doctor Who Came To Iceland

This morning, I found this guy flying high. Both yesterday and today, the wind was really pumping in Akureyri, so this image is an appropriate reminder of the weather.


Flying High

The sheep in Iceland are really skittish. However, I did manage to capture this image from inside the car… a few seconds before the sheep ran away!


Icelandic Sheep




Images From Iceland, day 7 — wk 39

Last night I stayed at the hostel in Vagnasstaðir. The night was clear, and the Northern Lights made their appearance at about 10:30pm. I made a couple of images at the roadside, about 2kms from the hostel.


Northern Lights, Vagnasstadir, No 1

The display of lights were much more spectacular then the image from Laugarvatn.


Northern Lights, Vagnasstadir No 2

After making these images, I returned to the hostel to help out some of the other guests who were attempting to make images of the northern lights. My settings were 400 iso, 30 seconds, f/5.6.

This morning, I headed out to Jokullsarlon for sunrise. The icebergs flow out of the lagoon to sea and are then washed up onto the beach. In this image, I positioned the camera so that the rising sun shines through the iceberg.


Iceberg At Sunrise, Jokullsarlon

This afternoon, I headed in to Höfn to pick up some groceries. On the return trip, I spotted some Icelandic horses at the roadside. This white horse caught my attention.


Icelandic Pony At Roadside

As I moved around, I caught this image of the pony peeking over another horse.


White Pony, Hiding Behind

Soon after, half a dozen cars had stopped by the roadside. Later, a tour bus arrived… that was the signal for me to leave!


Iceland, Day 3, Northern Lights

Yaay… Last night, I got to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. After two overcast nights, we had a clear night. The lights were faint but visible.


Northern Lights, Laugavatn



Images From Reykjavik Harbor — wk 38

This morning I arrived at Reykjavik for another trip to Iceland. As usual the weather in Iceland changes every 5 minutes. Today it was overcast and rainy… but I did get a glimpse of blue skies and sunshine on distant mountains. Along the shore is a magnificent sculpture “Sun Warrior” that I captured in this image.


Sun Warrior, Reykjavik

I took a walk through the harbor, looking for a late breakfast. While there, I noticed clouds of spray emanating from bow thrusters of a ship on the spilway.


Spray From Waterjet

That got me interested. On the other side, a dock worker was doing some high-pressure waterjet cleaning.


Waterjet Cleaning The Lundey

This ship took my interest because of the unusual shape for the bow.


Lundey On Slipway

In the back street was an interesting bike rack made of welded chain links with colorful seating in the background.


Bike Rack at Harbor

Stopping at Cafe Haiti, I got a bite to eat before returning back to car. Passing the bike rack again, I made some blurred images of the bike rack — by de-focusing the lens. This exaggerated all the colors.


Blurred Bike Rack

Close to bike rack, I found some unusual seating. Two stainless steel propeller blades attached to the wall.


Propeller Blade Seating

That completes some initial images before looking for the hostel.


This afternoon, I headed over to the Highline Canal, close to the Kent Denver School. Having spent most of the day indoors, I had not noticed the smoky skies from the California wildfires. While walking around the lake below the canal, one could see the haze surrounding the mountains.


Front Range Mountains In A Hazy Sky

Walking around the lake, I made some images with ICM (intentional camera movement). This included some horizontal and vertical blurs. The following image was a vertical blur of the reflections of the trees on the far shore of the lake.


Lake Reflections, Intentional Blur

As I completed the circular walk around the lake, the sun sank down in the sky. From the Highline Canal trail, I made this image of the sun setting behind the clouds. The smoky sky intensified the red colors of the sunset.


Sun Setting In A Smoky Sky

Pan to the left, the sun was excluded from the following image. This shows the pink, orange and purple colors of the sunset.


Front Range Mountains In A Smoky Sunset Sky

Moving around, I found a pine tree that would make a candidate for a silhouette.


Pine Tree Silhouette At Sunset



Labor Day Weekend, Art Walk — wk 36

First Friday art walk was on again for Labor Day weekend. Apart from enjoying the artwork and the crowds of people, I enjoy the opportunity to do street photography during the art walks. This month, the street was not closed to traffic, but there were fewer people than during previous months; maybe because of other events taking place? While upstairs in the Grace Gallery, I made this image looking down from the second floor window. After adjusting for the color temperature of the street lighting, the skies turned a deep blue.


Galleries Under Blue Skies

This month, several bands were busy playing in the street. I made several images of this band. With the low light levels, their faces and bodies were blurred. This was my favorite image that showed just enough detail of their faces but movement of their hands and instruments.


Street Band At Art Walk

The Point Gallery, always has interesting artwork in the main entrance. But I also like to go the back and up the stairs. Below the stairs were various pieces of abstract pictures on the walls, where I captured this guy admiring one of the pieces.


Admiring Artwork, Under Stairs

After visiting several galleries, I headed back on the far side of the street. I stopped by Jiggs Barber Shop to see what would develop. As people were walking by, I started making images of the blurred motions.


Jiggs Barber Shop, Santa Fe

After several images, I waited until the crowds had passed to capture the following image of art walkers outside the shop.


Art Walkers, Pausing By Jiggs

Jiggs was closed for business for the night. But nearby was another hairdressers that was a hive of activity, where a guy was having his haircut. I liked the mural on the left wall that is looking down on the customers.


Getting A Haircut, Santa Fe