Zombie Crawl 2014 — part 2

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Here are some more images from the Zombie Crawl this weekend.


Green Girl

More elaborate and colorful footwear.


Colorful Footwear

Minnie was out with her friends…


Minnie Mouse And Friends

Here is Teddy with with his chainsaw. I did not notice that guy in the left sided background until this evening. That gave made be laugh!


Chainsaw Teddy

I really love this gleeful expression of the lady! Must have been tasty!


I Love That Expression

There are a bunch of really creative costumes that people have made, as can bee seen by Maleficent, below.


Maleficent And Diaval

This was one of the last images that I made for the day.


Come Play With Us… Forever

Play forever at your own risk!

For more images, head over to the Illuminate Workshops meetup group here.



Zombie Crawl 2014 — part 1

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This weekend was the annual Zombie Crawl that took place along 16th Street. Once again, I joined the Illuminate Workshops meetup group. We started out at Skyline Park. Here were located many Zombie Makeup booths. This lady was busy applying makeup at the police booth.


Applying Zombie Make-up

This event is a family event, so even kids were having makeup


Having A Zombie Makeup

Da Vinci and his model were not immune to zombies.


Mona Lisa And Da Vinci

This guy was busy drumming.


16th Street Drummer

Here is one ugly dude


One Ugly Dude

At one balcony, a crowd of spectators had gathered to watch the crawl.


Zombie Crawl Spectators

With all the gory zombies, around one misses all the fun footwear and leggings.


Colorful Legwear



Yesterday was the Worldwide Photowalk event. This is an annual event that was started by Scott Kelby. I registered with the Five Points photowalk that was arranged by Andy Johns. About a dozen photographers met at the “Coffee at the Point”, where the walk started at 8am. I have included some of the images that I made. More images may be found on my Flickr photostream here. Images from other photographers in our group may also be found here.

The Five Points neighborhood is very colorful, as can be seen in the following image of Sax Player mural, that adorns one of the historic buildings in the area.


Sax Player Mural, Five Points

I found this blue morning glory along the shaded side of the street.


Blue Morning Glory, Five Points

One of the murals, comprised a wave of mosaic tiles.


Mosaic Wave, Five Points

There where several embedded fractured mirrors that were included in the mural. In the following image, I positioned myself the capture reflections from the sunlit street.


Fractured Mirrors, Five Points

Here is another reflection of murals from the other side of the street.


Fractured Mural Reflections

Along the shady side of the street was one store with frosted windows. Behind the window were several jars containing various goodies! In the following image, I included reflections from the sunlit side of the street. That’s a reflection of me on the right side of the image.


Jars In The Frosted Window

Adjacent to a bike store, several tires were discarded in the alley.


Discarded Tires

Along one street, we passed some apartments with this line of satellite dishes. Couldn’t they just share one dish?


Couldn’t They Share One Dish?

For more images of this fun event, head over to the the Flickr page.



Cosmos In Our Backyard

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Last weekend, cold weather was forecast. Freezing weather usually this signals the end of the cosmos plants. This incited me to make some images of these fabulous plants. Fortunately, the temperatures did not plunge below freezing, so I managed to shoot these images over the course of 3 days.

It is always challenging making images of cosmos flowers, especially macro images. Flowers are grow from buds at the end of a long thin stem. The slightest breeze causes the flowers to move. During the course of making this images, there was a slight overcast and very little air disturbances — perfect conditions for making images.

Most of our plants are either white, red or pink. However, there are plenty of variations that have red and white coloring, as in the following image.


Red Cosmos

In this image, I captured a red cosmos flower before it was fully open.


Red Cosmos, No 2

Cosmos flowers are always difficult to capture because the leaves are so fine. This means that one has to find a decent background that is not busy.


White Cosmos

Looking through the variety of plants, I found this following flower having white petals, fringed with pink edges.


Pink And White Cosmos

Yesterday I made an image of a pink cosmos, but failed to notice an out of focus leave obscuring most of the flower.  Today the stamens had withered, so I had to find another pink flower that had opened earlier in the day.


Pink Cosmos


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