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Images For The Week — wk 26

Some different images for this week. Earlier in the week, I attended the HTML5 meetup group downtown. Leaving light rail at the Convention Center, I passed “The Dancers”.


The Dancers, Convention Center

The following day, after working out at the gym, I headed to the supermarket. We had a heavy rain storm about an hour earlier. Leaving the supermarket, the setting sun lit up the super cell system that dumped the rain.


Sun Setting On Super Cell Storm Clouds

Later in the week, we headed to our local supermarket. Outside I was drawn to the orange and chrome of this hot rod van where I made a couple of images.


Hot Rod At The Supermarket



Last weekend, Art Students League of Denver held their annual Art Market. Sunday, about noon, I headed to the market. As usual, I parked several blocks away where street parking is easier. On the way to the market, I passed by an apartment block that had really neat and tidy yard with window wells. I composed this image to show the receding lines of the window wells.


Window Wells In Apartment Block

While browsing art work at the market, I noticed this artist taking refuge in the shade of an adjacent apartment block.


Artist Taking Refuge In The Shade

Soon after a group of visitors approached. I waited until they moved into the frame and made this image as the artist and visitors were all in key positions for this composition.


Artist And Visitors, Art Student’s League Art Market

After spending a couple of hours at the market, I found a silk-screen print that I purchased. Soon after, I headed back to the car, stopping by a laundromat that had a painted wall that had weathered over the years to create an interesting pattern. Here I did not have to wait long until several people passed by. I made this image of one passer-by — probably headed for the market.


Landromat Wall And Passer-By No 1

A few minutes later, another person passed by in the opposite direction. This image was processed in Painteresque to enhance the texture of the painted wall. This wall would make a great backdrop for portrait images especially with the north light. I wonder how it would look nearer sunrise?


Landromat Wall And Passer-By No 2

Later in the day, I headed over the the gym. After working out, leaving the gym, the low sun cast shadows on the walls of the adjacent parking garage. I processed this image in Snapseed, to open up the shadows and tone the bright highlights of the wall on the right.


Parking Garage Shadows And Shapes

This morning, I was sitting out on the patio for breakfast. Last week our neighbor moved out, leaving an untidy yard and long grass. Yesterday, garden services moved into the yard to cut the grass and clean up. The neighbor also left reed matting that has been attached to the fence for several months. I have made images of this fence in the past, but the mat is in much poorer condition now after months in the sun, wind and and rain. The top of the mat could never form a straight line when attached to the fence — it always formed an S-shape. This is great for composition. With the light overcast cloud, this works well for a black and white image, below.


Reed Fence, Neighbor’s House

All images for this week’s post were made and processed with an iPhone.


Last Thursday, the monsoon clouds and cold front moved into Denver during the late afternoon. This created a torrential downpour. Arriving back at the DU parking garage, after the light rail commute, I made my way up to the 3rd floor. Traffic along I-25 was moving very slowly. I captured this image that showed the traffic, rain and mist.


Rain Storm And Traffic On I-15

The mist blocked any view that we might have had of the mountains, but made some interesting images of mist and reflections in the pavements.


Apartments At DU In The Storm

After getting back to the car, I noticed that the stadium at DU still had lights illuminating the field. Most of the storm was moving in on the south side of the garage. Water was covering the floors at this point. I moved into the stairwell to make this image through the windows of the stairwell. Water was streaming down the glass, which made for some interesting effects.


DU Through The Stairwell Windows

In the final image, I moved out of the stairwell and took shelter behind a wall. This shows the golden spire and the stadium lights emerging from the misty sky.


Stadium Lights And DU, In The Rain Storm

Leaving the garage, I made my way to the gym and home. Along the way out, I passed a drain (on the 2nd floor) where water was erupting out through through the drain. We must have had a couple of inches of rain that fell up to this point. This carried on through most of the night, causing much street flooding in the metro area.



This afternoon we had a huge rain shower at home. After the rain stopped, Angela and I headed down to the Audubon Center, near Waterton Canyon. Stopping at the beaver pond, I made this image of the clouds reflected in the water before the ripples on the surface subsided.


Reflections In Audubon Beaver Pond

This late in the afternoon, the low sun was back lighting grasses at the water’s edge. Nearby was a V-shaped branch floating in the water that I included in the following composition.


Branches In The Beaver Pond

With all the rain that we had in recent weeks, the Platte River has been overflowing on its course through Denver. Near the Audubon Center, the river flows into Chatfield Dam. We headed towards the river. Many of the paths leading to the river were under water. Eventually we found a path that reached the river bank. The river was about a foot or two below the river banks.


South Platte River Near Audubon Center

We had never seen this much water flowing at this point. We continued along the path at the river side. The sun lit up the trees alongside the path, casting long shadows in the grasses. I could not help but capture the green leaves backlit by the sun!


Afternoon Light Streaming Through Trees, Audubon

We had to turn back as this path disappeared under a foot of water. Circling back we found another path and headed north. Another storm was moving into to the metro area.


Storm Clouds Moving Into The Metro Area

The clouds towering above the storm system had really distinctive blue colors that I attempted to capture in the following image.


Blue In The Storm Clouds



A Hike To Hanging Lake — wk 22

This last two weeks our house was full as both daughters visited us. This week I took vacation and we all headed off to Glenwood Springs. While there, we took the opportunity to hike up the Hanging Lake. On Thursday, we headed eastbound along I-70 to the Hanging Lake exit. After parking, we headed off on the hike. The first quarter mile or so was on the bike path along the Colorado River, until we reached the trail head.


Glenwood Canyon And Colorado River At Hanging Lake

The hike to Hanging Lake starts at the bottom of Dead Horse Creek and follows the creek for most of the trail.


Dead Horse Creek

After a steep climb of about a mile, we reached the base of the cliff below Hanging Lake. The trail has handrails at this point. Looking down, I made the following image of the water as it flowed below that waterfalls towards Dead Horse Creek.


View Below Hanging Lake

Here is another image looking back down the canyon that we had just hiked.


Looking Down Dead Horse Creek Canyon

After reaching the top of the cliff, we arrive at the shores of Hanging Lake. There is a boardwalk along the edge of the cliff that forms the boundary of the the lake. At the far side of the lake are several waterfalls that I captured in this image.


Waterfalls At Hanging Lake

The water flowing down was clear, and allowed me to make images that reflected the green forest and cliff walls in the water.


Reflections At Hanging Lake

Finally, here are the tree ladies — Angela, Susan and Nicola — admiring the scenery before we headed back down the trail.


The Ladies At Hanging Lake

I took the opportunity of making some video clips of Hanging Lake that I made into the following short video.


End Of Another Week Of Rain — wk 21

Yesterday was the end of another week of rain. Last night I headed down to the Metro State College Campus for some late evening and night photography. Soon after arriving, I made my way to this fountain located outside one of the English Department cottages.


Fountain, Metro State

As I made photographs, the rain started. That was the second rain storm that caught me during the day. In the early afternoon, I was in downtown Denver when hail and rain fell. At one intersection, there was a pool of water some 12 inches of water — water was erupting out of a manhole cover in the street.

Back to last night. I took shelter on the porch of the cottage to wait for the storm to pass. While waiting, I noticed the S-shape of the path in front of the cottage; the street lighting was reflected off the wet sidewalk.


Raining On Path, Metro State

After the rain passed, I resumed walking through the campus. At this location, a line of street lights lead to the tower in Elitch’s.


Looking Towards Elitch’s Tower

The tall buildings in downtown reflected the twilight remaining in the sky after the sunset.


Downtown Denver, After The Rain

Here is another image with three outdoor sculptures lining the walkways.


Sidewalk Reflections, Metro State

I headed in the general direction of the Elitch’s tower. As I walked, I noticed the image on the back of the camera that showed out of focus bokeh on the monitor. This looked interesting, so I setup the camera on tripod and created the following composition of the lights and walkway reflections.


Reflections And Lights, Metro State

Continuing down the walkway, I arrived at the Tivoli. After scouting some locations, I composed this image, with the two rocks in the foreground.


Tivoli, After The Rain

This was the last image before heading back home.



This last week has been full of Spring storms. Yesterday morning, storm clouds starting building over the Front Range. This would mean that the Eastern Plains would get stormy weather during the afternoon. So I headed off to Kiowa to experience the stormy weather among wide open plains. South of Kiowa, it was raining. I waited by a single lane bridge along country road 102 until the skies cleared to make this image of the water glistening on on the bridge, with the clearing storm in the distance.


Single Lane Bridge Over Road 102

I meandered through the plains, heading in a south eastern direction until I encountered country road 90. Along the side of the road were trees that were starting to leaf. At this point I started shooting infra-red to capture the bright green grasses, contrasting against the clearing blue skies.


Trees And Departing Storm Along County Road 90

On the north side of the road was a depression that had filled with water.Red-winged blackbirds were busy among the cattails. There appeared to be a carcass floating in the water near to the tree on the left of the pond.


Pond Along County Road 90

It always pages to take a look in all directions when shooting images. The storm was moving off towards the east. In this image I captured the low clouds above the grassy plains, below the dark skies.


Departing Storm, At County Road 90

Further along I found an abandoned ranch house on 85 road. I last visited this location in June of 2012, where I made images inside this same house. See Abandoned House on 85 Road, for more images.


Abandoned Ranch House On County Road 85, No 2

After shooting in this location, I headed back in the late afternoon. Along road 81, I stopped to make some images of this barn.


Barn Late Afternoon, County Road 81

At this time of day, the light was magical. By now the skies had cleared to reveal blue skies that I captured above the road in this image.


Big Skies On Eastern Plains, County Road 81

Heading north, I eventually reached the highway east of Kiowa. The sun was setting at this point, lighting up the clouds with a fiery red.


Clouds At Sunset, Kiowa



Spring Snow Storm, In May — wk 19

This week has been a week of wet stormy weather that culminated in a snow storm last night. Yesterday night after leaving the gym, I made these images of reflections from the wet parking lot. I added an intentional blur to spread the reflected street lights over a larger image area.


Parking Lot Reflection Blur

The rain had just started to change into snow. I made several images, including the following one with a diagonal blur.


Stormy Reflection Blur

Here is another image without intentional blurring. One can see the streaks caused by the falling snow in this image.


Glow In The Parking Lot

After leaving the parking garage, I headed down Colorado Blvd. I shot this image through the windshield as the lights changed.


Colorado Blvd Traffic Light Reflections