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Irises On Memorial Day Weekend

The Irises in our garden have bloomed again, maybe a little later than usual. Yesterday I spent about an hour making some of images. The long stalks and an slight breeze, make it challenging to capture an image of the irises. Plenty of patient waiting is required.


Blue Iris, 2016

We had cloudy overcast skies for more much of the day, that made for some great light to make images. There was a slight break in the clouds that backlit the edge of the iris leaves.


Iris Leaves

Irises always look great in color, especially the lilac-blue ones that we have in the yard. However, I tried a monochrome conversion for the following image. The blues are so light, that I need some more work to do to show the tones in the flowers.


Blue Iris In Black And White

For this final image, I focused on the edge of the petals to show the S-curves. Also, I opened up the aperture on the macro lens to reduce depth of field and blur the background some more.


Iris Flower, Follow The Curves



New A-Line Train To DIA

Yesterday, I made a trip out to Denver International Airport (DIA) on the new A-Line train. RTD were offering free rides for the opening day. There were crowds of people waiting at Union Station to take a ride out to the airport.


Waiting In Line For The Train

The new Fastracks trains are much larger than the light rail trains, with baggage racks and plenty of standing room. Of course, the train was filled to capacity with seated passengers, taking advantage of the free rides.


Inside The New Fastracks Train

The train pulls into the station under the new Westin hotel at DIA. This end of the line is spectacular. After emerging from the escalators, one arrives on the concourse at the south end of the airport buildings. I fitted a fisheye lens to capture the arch below the hotel and roof above the station below.


Fisheye View Over Station, DIA

Here is a view looking up at the cantilevered roof above the escalators, with the hotel in the background.


Looking Up At The Westin Hotel, DIA

The cantilevered roof is one of the key features at the airport that I managed to capture with the fisheye lens. One really needs to view this structure to appreciate the engineering that went into the roof.


Cantilevered Roof, DIA

This is another view under the roof. The hotel has a lounge above the concourse. I like the color contrast of the yellow interior lights against the blue of the window glass in this image.


Under The Cantilevered Roof, DIA

With all the people who made the trip to DIA, there was a lot of waiting in line for the return train. I took advantage of the waiting time to make some more images. By this time, blue hour had arrived. In this image, we can see the reflections of the DIA tent roofing in the deep blue of the hotel windows.


Hotel Window Reflections, Blue Hour, DIA

In this final image, I captured the DIA tent roof against the blue in the clouds and sky.


DIA Roof Spikes



Snow Blossoms, Spring Storm

This weekend we had a huge snow storm in the metro area. Yesterday wind accompanied the snow. This morning, I grabbed my camera when heading for the gym. Returning from the gym in one of the alleys, I found these pink blossoms, covered with snow.


Snow Blossoms, No 1

There were some with icicles…


Snow Blossoms, No 2

And another…


Snow Blossoms, No 3




At The South Platte River, With Carey

A couple of weeks ago Carey and I headed the North Fork of the South Platte River near Foxton. Here we spent an afternoon making photographs along the river. After scouting for a location, Carey selected one spot where the river caught the afternoon sunlight. I made the following image with an ND filter. This allowed me to have a longish shutter speed of an 1/8 second. This smoothed out the water flow.


Curly Water Flow, South Platte River

Later we headed downstream to a location that was on the South Fork of the river. At this location, the river was in the shadow of the canyon walls. At this location, I framed three pine trees against the orange canyon wall in this image.


Three Pine Trees, South Platte River

Shooting at this location was really great with the river in the shade. This made it easier to get long exposures without filters to show the water flow. Carey and I had moved close to the waters edge where we were rock hopping along the river. I decided to convert the triangular arrangement of rocks into a monochrome image, below.


Triangular Rocks, South Platte River

I found a large boulder at the water’s edge. In this image, I chose a near-far composition that included the boulder, foreground river sands and the water flow in the background.


One Large Boulder, South Platte River

We headed back towards to confluence of the North and South Forks, where we had some lunch before shooting the river. I looked for a location where I could include some foreground branches overhanging the water. At this location, I wanted to capture the white spray of the water flow in the river. The river was in bright sunlight, so I made use of the ND filter to capture the water flow in this monochromatic image.


Water Flow At The Forks

When we were heading out from the river, I noticed one location where the river was flowing over rocks in the shade. At this last location, plenty of foamy bubbles were created as the water flowed over the rocks. This would work great with a long exposure.


Water Flow, Over The Rocks, South Platte River

Soon after making this image, we headed back home. I dropped Carey back at home and had an appointment with work!


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Knowledge Is Power

April Fool’s Day was also First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe Blvd. The area around the art district on Santa Fe has many murals. These are refreshed periodically with new work, like this mural “Knowledge Is Power”.


Knowledge Is Power

Another new mural is this alley is this gorilla. There were several folks gathered nearby for a smoke break.


Bite Me

After visiting the Spark gallery, I noticed a couple girls making photographs across the street. I could not help capturing this image.


Making My Photograph

I visited several galleries during the evening. This artist was engrossed in his painting.


Artist At Work, No 2

By the time I arrived outside the Denver Civic Theater, “Blue Hour” had arrived. The yellow sodium lighting contrasted nicely against the deep blue of the sky in this image.


Denver Civic Theater, After Sunset

After selecting these images, I realized that all these images contained the color blue!


March Blizzard

On Monday night, and most of Tuesday, a blizzard passed through the metro area and we were dumped with some 15 inches of wet, heavy snow. After arriving at Arapahoe Station, I made this image while walking down to work in the snow storm.


Snowstorm Near Arapahoe Station

After work, skies had cleared and some of the snow had melted. As I entered Araphoe Station, there were a lot of pretty snow-covered trees that caught the light at the end of the day.


Branches And Snow, Arapahoe Station

There was enough snow to make out the form of the steps that climbed up the stairs!


Stairs Under Snow, Arapahoe Station

In the following image, I liked the contrast of the snow-laden trees against the dark office buildings and the orange “candle”.


Two Trees, Snow, Arapahoe Station

While waiting for the train to arrive, I explored the area around the station. In this image, the blizzard dumped snow against the side of the lights and shelter roof, creating snow textures.


Snow Textures, Arapahoe Station

When I had arrived at DU Station, the blizzard dumped snow on the bike racks. The bikes were almost hidden under all that snow. However, there were interesting snow forms covered the parked bikes.


Bicycles, After The Snow

The skies cleared during the night. With the melting snow and freezing night, we had lots of ice the next day.



Thor’s Hammer — Mobile Monet

For the last couple of weeks, I have been trying out the “Mobile Monet” app on the iPhone to process some recent images. Returning from a Meetup group downtown, I met Thor at Union Station. After chatting with him, he mentioned that co-workers presented him with Thor’s hammer.


Thor And His Hammer

I made the original image of water that had pooled on our deck. Experimenting with Mobile Monet, I managed to extract some color from the original image. In this image, I confined the color to the interesting features near the center of the image.

Pond At Tuscany Plaza, Monet

Deck Reflections, Monet

Last week, I passed the pond below Tuscany Plaza on my way to work. There was no wind that morning, so there were good reflections of the new offices across the road. As with the image above, I confined color to the pond and building.


Pond At Tuscany Plaza, Monet


Images From The Ends Of The Day

Made these images at the ends of the day over the last week. Leaving work, I passed by the pond outside Tuscany Plaza. This office block was reflected in the pond at sunset.


Tuscany Plaza, Reflections At Sunset

Yesterday morning, the fountains at Arapahoe Station cast long shadows on the pavement.


Shadows By The Fountains, Arapahoe Station

This evening, I repeated an image that I made last week of the statue “Mercury”.


Mercury, Reflection At Sunset

Last week, I had a wider lenses that tended to include too much of the foreground grasses and floating debris in the water. Well, I could have waded out into the pond to make an image similar to this one with a wider lens!