Saturday night was the monthly Illuminate Workshops night shoot. This month we met at the Denver Art Museum. After meeting fellow photogs, we proceeded to make images around the museum.


Dustpan And Brush, Denver Art Museum

More images may be found on the Meetup website here. Across the road is the Denver Public Library. In one of the windows was this huge orange paper flower.


Orange Paper Flower

The library building has some interesting angular and curved walls, contructed with a variety of build materials.


Denver Public Library, At Night

Looking back towards the art museum, I spotted the steel tent poking above the roof line.


Steel Tent, Denver Art Museum

We made our way to Civic Center Park and past the State Capitol building. Stopping near the Supreme Court building, I found these shadows that were cast from the buried lighting.


Shadows, Supreme Court

Near the end of the photo walk, the Supreme Court building was reflection from an adjacent building. This created some interesting reflections.


Building Reflections


Art Walk Along Sante Fe Boulevard

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First Friday was Art Walk along Sante Fe. This month there were a lot of new exhibits and new artists showing their art. Really inspiring. Here are some images that I made during the evening. I found one gallery that had these cool Lumin lamps. This one cycled through various colors. I waited for red to make its appearance.


Lumin Lamp, In Red

There were some interesting exhibits in this gallery. Lumin lamps are made from a heavyweight paper with folds alone scored lines. This yellow one shows have the folds give the Lumin’s their unique shape.


Lumin Paper Folds

One of my favorite galleries has steel ceilings. Here the lanterns are reflected in the ceiling.


Lanterns And Reflections In The Ceiling

I found the mannequin in the antique store’s window.


Mannequin In The Window



An April Snow Day

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This morning we were greeted with some 5 inches of fresh spring snow. On the way to work, I pass by Tokyo Joe’s, where several inches of snow had accumulated on the tables. There was just a hint of red showing from the umbrellas.


Tokyo Joe’s Snow

At the weekend, powerful wind gusts were reported in the metro area. On Monday morning, many of these umbrellas and tables were blown over by the wind. Also, several umbrellas were damaged, bent, destroyed and blown down the street. I liked the patterns made by the snow covered railings in the image below.


Snow Railings

Spring has been with us for a couple of weeks. However, very few flowers have blossomed. One exception was this forsythia, where the yellow flowers were poking through the covering of snow.


Flowering Forsythia In The Snow Storm

As I made my to work, I passed under the avenue of snow laden trees near Tuscany Plaza. Several footprints from fellow travelers left their tracks in the snow.


Tracks In Snow Under Avenue Of Trees

Outside the plaza, the sunny medallion was have covered in snow. I was captivated by the contrast of the lumpy snow stuck to the railing.


Snow And Medallion, Tuscany Plaza

During the course of the day, we got more snow interrupted by spells of sunny blue skies that started the melting process. At the end of the day, many puddles of water and muddy patches lined the sidewalks and open areas.


Ice Along The South Platte River

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During the winter months the banks of the South Platte River are often lined with ice and snow. Last weekend, I spent an afternoon near Foxton on the banks of the river to make some images before the ice melts at the end of the season.


Sharp Ice, Platte River

As the sun dipped below the hills, sunlight was reflected off the rocks to create golden reflections in the river.


Golden Reflection, Platte River

Working my way along the riverside, I found several places where the flowing water created tunnels through the ice.


Ice Tunnel, Platte River

Water flowing down the river creates smooth milky surfaces when tumbling over the rocks.


Water Flow, Platte River

Water splashing up from the river freezes along the river banks to create icicles. Here the boulder has accumulated enough ice to create a skirt with icicles hanging down.


Ice Skirt With Icicles




Photogs Spend Another Frozen Night In City Park!

March 2, 2014

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February 9, 2014

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February 1, 2014

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Long Shadows In The Morning

January 13, 2014

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