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Broken Hearts On Santa Fe

Yesterday was First Friday Artwalk, so this saw me on Santa Fe. Visiting one gallery, I noticed reflections of a pair of oil paintings on the windows. Waiting for art lovers to walk past, I made one image that captured a boy’s shadow.


Artwork Reflections And Shadow

Santa Fe Blvd still has holiday lights hanging in the trees. In this image, I defocused the lens to get nice big lights in the image. I made several images that included passers-by on the far side of the street.


Street Lighting On Santa Fe Blvd

In one of the galleries, a lady had a large selection of pastels laid out in her studio. In this image, a defocussed image shows an abstract pattern of the colored pastels.


Pastel Abstracted

Down in the basement, there were pottery studios and exhibits. I found a “bowling alley” in one of the studios.


Bowling Alley?

And, along one of the walls, was a line of broken hearts.


Broken Hearts

Back upstairs, was a collection of glazed hearts hanging from a frame…


Black Heart And…

In another gallery, there was a sign posted outside the studio that read “Please Do Not Enter – In Session”. I wonder what was behind the veil that covered the studio entrance.


What’s Behind The Veil

While having a coffee, I was drawn to the lines cast by the shadows of a fence along the street. In this image, I tried to capture the color contrast between the green and orange lighting that lit the scene.


Fence, Shadows And Light

I enjoy visiting the galleries, seeing the art work and meeting some of the artists. I am always inspired to make images of my visit.


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