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Night Shoot On Colfax

Finally, I managed to process the images from our night shoot on Colfax that took place a couple of weeks ago. Our group met at on Broadway and then made our way to Colfax. Soon after arriving on Colfax, we encountered this lady who became the subject of many of our images.


Photographers On Colfax

There are some amazing murals along Colfax. I liked this one that seems to have a 40’s feel.


Argh, Mural On Colfax

This lady was busy on a phone call inside a fast food restaurant.


Restaurant Caller

The sun made its way lower and lower below the horizon as we made our way along Colfax. By the time we got to this location, the sky had turned a dark indigo blue. The lights from Tom’s Diner were a perfect complement to the darkening night sky.


Tom’s Diner, Colfax

The Greek Salad Drive Thru was open for business.


Greek Salad Drive Thru… Is Open

The adjacent building was lit by lighting that cast colorful light on the walls. I made this image to include the building corner with light falling away to either side.


Building Corner Colors

The Fillmore Theater was bathed with purple lights. This was the last image that I made for the night.


Purple On The Fillmore

It had been a long day for me, having done yard work during the heat of the day, so I made my way home after this.


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