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I Love A Good Dump Myself

Really! Read on. This last month was the biennial “Month Of Photography” in the Denver Area. I took the opportunity to visit several art galleries that were hosting photography exhibits. After visiting CPAC, this green door called out to me.


Green Door, Denver

The next gallery on my list was in the Rino District. This area is full of murals. Here is one I haven’t seen before…


Humming Bird Mural, Rino District

As I was making my way back to the car, I found this dumpster outside the “Cleaners”. I could not help myself. Who knows when the dumpster with this post’s message will be towed away!


I Love A Good Dump Myself

Last weekend, I visited the Helikon Gallery (and Studios). This gallery had some really interesting image on exhibit. Also, there are several studios, rented by artists, in the building. These had some interesting art. This location is well worth a visit.

The gallery is located across the road from some grain elevators and silos. Leaving the gallery, I spotted this reflection in the water that pooled from the previous day’s rain. This pool is not guaranteed to be there for long — so time to capture the image.


Grain Elevator Reflections, Rino District

The day was overcast, so I chose to make these two images as monochrome, with the cloudy sky as a backdrop.


Silos, Rino District

Rounding the corner of the silos, I noticed the ladders climbing up the grain elevator. Those four orange bollards caused me to leave this image in color.


Grain Elevator Ladders

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