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Five Points On Martin Luther King Day — wk 4

Monday this week was one of the monthly Meetup groups that I attend. So I decided to shoot some street photography images in the Five Points neighborhood in the afternoon before the meeting. It was also Martin Luther King Day. Taking the light rail, I got off at Welton Street. This is close to the location where we did the Worldwide Photowalk in October. In one of the alleys, I found a colorful mural painted on an orange wall. There were some crates laying up against the wall — probably used for seating from workers taking a break from work in neighborhood stores.


Mural And Crates Against The Orange Wall

Along Welton Street is some interesting art, including murals with embedded mirrors. At this time of day, the colors of the sky from the setting sun was reflected in the mirrors.


Mirrors In The Wall, Five Points

The light rail line comes to an end at the intersection with Downing Street. Looking back along Welton Street, the sun was setting behind the tall office buildings downtown.


Sun Setting Along Welton Street

Walking back down the street towards downtown, I stopped by one of the light rail stations. I waited for a passing pedestrian to make the following image.


Station Along Welton Street

There are some really interesting stores and businesses in Five Points. This Barber and Beauty store echoes a bygone period.


Barber And Beauty, Five Points

Here is an Emporium that was lit by inviting warm yellow lighting inside.


Emporium, Five Points

Further along the street, I noticed the Mercury Cafe in a parallel street. This is an interesting building that a dance floor, restaurant and bar. We did some swing dancing here a few years ago!


Brewhouse, Mercury Cafe

The black cat in the mural below caught my attention. It was obvisously terrified by the approach of the bigger tiger that I captured in the image below.


Two Cats, Mercury Cats

That was the last image that I made before hurrying over to the meetup group.


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  • Janine Fugere - As Seen by Janine January 25, 2015, 4:46 pm

    Love this post Match! I really enjoy urban “walkabout” photo essays, and especially some of the cool urban art like you’ve found. I especially love the cat & tiger mural, which is the most clever way to pretty up electric &/or gas meter and pipes that I’ve ever seen. P.S. I did just discover your “Notify me of new posts by email” option which I am definitely checking. I’d love to get your updates. Cheers, Janine Fugere, AKA As Seen by Janine

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