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Return Of The Cold Weather

Last night a cold front with snow storm moved through the Denver metro area. The cold weather reminded me of some cold weather images that I made last month. These images that never made it to the website — it was tax time, so I had different priorities. After a snow storm, I found this leaf embedded in a snow-bank.


Leaf In Snow Bank

Side light from the sunrise picked out the ridges formed by blowing snow in the same snow bank.


Snow Bank Patterns

Nearer the office, I found a pool of ice left after a frozen night. Snapseed was used to convert this image to monochrome.


Ice Patterns

While waiting for the light rail at the DU station, I found the bright colors of these bikes parked in the snow. The image was processed in the Dynamic Light app on the iPhone — the “Orton Effect” was applied to soften the bright colors of the bike frames.


Red Bicycle In The Snow

Enjoy the cold weather and the snow. We need all the moisture we can get!


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