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This Week In Infra Red – wk33

Now that it is summer, there are plenty of green leaves around. This time of year makes a great opportunity to take advantage of making some infra red images. This week I have been carrying my infra red camera. Leaving the light rail station, I composed this image of a sculpture at the Arapahoe Station plaza.


Sculpture, Arapahoe Station Plaza

Infra red is not visible to the human eye. It does not have a “color”. The sensor of an infra red camera blocks much of the visible spectrum. This means that a monochrome image may be a better choice than an image that has “false” colors. Infra red images are distinctive because green leaves reflect a lot of infra red wavelengths. As a result, leaves are rendered very light. In a monochrome image leaves render as pale gray or white. Open (blue) sky does not reflect infra red and renders as dark gray or black. Water in ponds and pools absorbs infra red, and also renders as dark gray or black. Cold metals also absorb infra red and usually render dark.

Returning from the office at the end of a work day, I passed the Tuscany Plaza en route to the light rail station. The grass lawns render as rolling white fields! The stormy sky forms a dramatic backdrop to this image. Also, the darker pond in the foreground balances the pale tones of the grass. This is a good example of the dramatic images that can be achieved with infra red.


Tuscany Plaza And Stormy Sky

Across the road, outside Samson Park, this shelter contrasts against the dramatic sky. There are several metallic objects in this image, including the fence, trash can and the metal sheeting of the roof. These items are render almost black. Behind the fence is a row of burning bushes. They are usually green in the summer, except during the fall when the leaves turn red before dropping to the ground. In this image, are they burning white hot?


Museum Of Outdoor Arts Shelter

Some weeks ago, I made some images of Samson Park, where the was a strange building — see Wonderland in Samson Park (week 19). This was a temporary structure for storage whilst construction proceeded on new art work. Here is the pentagonal foundation that is all that remains of the original structure now that art work is complete (in the background).


Pentagon In Samson Park

Finally, on the last leg of the walk to the light rail station, this sidewalk contrasts against the light bushes, grass and avenue of trees.


Sidewalk To The Station

More infra red images can be found on several web sites. Search Google and Flickr for these images. A couple of years ago, I converted my old camera to infra red. You can find more information at Life Pixel on camera conversions. There are also tutorials and information post-processing that may be found on this same site.

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