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Originally from England, I have lived in Malaysia, Ghana, Tanzania and, later, South Africa. My father was a Polish metallurgist who worked on tin, gold and diamond mines around the world. After graduating as a Mining Engineer, I worked in the gold mines of South Africa. After discovering that this was not for me, I switched to software engineering. We moved to the United States in 1994, where we spent a few months in New Jersey. Later, we moved to Colorado, where we finally settled. Software engineering continues to be my day job that pays the bills.

My first encounter with a camera was a Kodak (with 120 film) that my brother owned. Later, in my teens, my parents bought me an Instamatic which started my path into photography. At school, I was introduced to the darkroom by a fellow student. It is amazing to experience an image appearing during development process. From that point, there was no turning back. Over the years, I have been photographing and doing monochrome prints and color transparencies in the darkroom.

In South Africa, I was briefly a member of a photographic club. Here was the first opportunity that I had to show my work to fellow members. The quality of my images improved. However, I soon tired of the competitive nature of the club scene.

I have always been fascinated by the natural world – the wildlife, the grand landscape, the intimate landscape, the abstract. Also fascinating is the urban landscape that man has helped to create. My focus is to attempt to capture the landscapes.

I have always enjoyed sharing and exhibiting my work. Prints are an ideal medium for showing one’s work. Much better than projection of transparencies in dark place! I had produced monochrome prints in the wet darkroom. Color prints were just too complicated to produce. I had ceased to do any darkroom work prior to leaving South Africa. With the advent of the digital photography revolution, producing prints became so much easier.

Here in the western United States, we are fortunate to have some of the most unique, beautiful and diverse landscapes on planet earth. While discovering the landscape around us, I have attempted to capture this beauty to share with others.

Match and his wife Angela live in Englewood, Colorado, with their cat Jasper. They have two daughters, Susan and Nicola.

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