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First Week Of The Year, 2018

During the first week of 2018, I made several images. So let’s kick of the year in style! For the last 15 months or so, a new office building has been under construction near Arapahoe Station. The building is nearing completion and this week construction workers continued to perform work on the windows.


Construction Worker, Greenwood Village

There are three new buildings at this location. The one in the foreground is the oldest, having been completed several years ago. The new building stands behind. The third building that was completed two years ago is out of the frame.


Reflections In Office Buildings

Friday was the First Friday of the month, so I headed to the art galleries on Santa Fe Blvd. In one gallery, the exhibiting artist was busy painting on a canvas.


Artist At Work, Santa Fe Blvd

This afternoon, saw me downtown next to the South Platte River. While taking a break, shadows of passing pedestrians were cast on the concrete wall in from of me. This image, of a lady with smartphone, was the best image. Within a copule of minutes, the wall was in total shade.


Shadow, Girl With Phone

Across the Platte River, the railings along the trail created interesting reflections in the calm river waters.

2094-0102-Reflections-In-Platte-River-Downtown Denver

Reflections In Platte River, Downtown Denver

Best wishes for the New Year. Have a Merry New Year!


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