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Bosque Del Apache — part 1

Two weeks ago, I headed down to Socorro, NM, to spend some time developing skills at photographing birds. At the entrance of Bosque Del Apache (a National Wildlife Refuge site), is a pond where many Sandhill Cranes and thousands of Snow Geese spend the night. The cranes usually gather in quiet family groups. The geese are always chattering away, creating a cacophony of sound. About sunrise, these birds leave the safety of the ponds to feed at other parts of the wildlife refuge. I made the following image of a pair of cranes as they took flight, leaving the cacophony of the ponds.


Sandhill Crane Pair, Bosque Del Apache

As a pair of cranes passed in front of the mountains, I made this image of these magnificent birds in flight.


Sandhill Cranes In Flight, Bosque Del Apache

Later in the afternoon, I found a Pied Grebe, swimming and feeding in one of the ponds. These birds dive to find food under water. After surfacing, I made this image as it looked at me.


Pied Grebe, Bosque Del Apache

On the second morning at the ponds, the water was lit by pink light reflecting off the mountains. I made this image of the Sandhill Cranes standing in the pond.

2075-0035-Sandhill-Cranes-Before-Dawn-Bosque Del Apache

Sandhill Cranes Before Dawn, Bosque Del Apache

Close to the main tour loop entrance, several White Crowned Sparrows feed around the bushes. One of the sparrows was perched on the bush, catching the morning sunshine.


White Crowned Sparrow, Bosque Del Apache

That completes the first of the images that I captured.


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