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Trip To Djupavik, North West Fjords

After the first night in Saeberg, I headed out for a day trip to the north-west fjords. I had read about the old fishing village at Djupavik. Driving in the north-west fjords can add up a lot of mileage in the car — most of the roads follow the coastline. It took almost 3 hours to make this journey. As with all my trips, there are always a lot of the usual stops along the journey, to enjoy the scenery and make photographs. Most of the day was under overcast skies with plenty of rain, misty and low clouds.


Djupavik, Iceland

The old jetty in the fjord was covered with gulls.


Old Jetty in The Fjord, Djupavik

Apparently there are tours of the old fish factory in Djupavik. However, I arrived far too late to join one of these tours.


Old Fish Factory, Djupavik

I walked through the village, making my way around the fish factory. I included the two rusty steel fishing floats in this composition.


Rusty Fishing Floats, Djupavik

One corner of the factory has windows right in the corner, that I captured in the following image.


Corner Windows, Djupavik

The fish factory is no longer in use. However, there are many disused items lying around the building. I created this composition with the one steel wheel in the foreground with one of the circular tanks in the background.


Wheel And Tank, Djupavik

On the far side of the tank, I found an opening into the tank. I made this image looking into the interior. I decided against getting inside the tank!


Inside The Tank

One of the old fishing boats was beached at the edge of the fjord, just outside the factory. Much of the hull had rusted over the years since it was abandoned here.


Rusting Fishing Boat, Djupavik

On the other side of the boat, I made another image that includes huge rusted holes in the hull.


Rusting In The Fjord

Finally, I took a walk along the road, heading out of the village. I found two boulders that are included in the foreground of this image.


Djupavik And Waterfall

Soon after this, I made the return trip back to Saeberg. Along the way, I stopped along one of the other fjords to make this image of two rock pillars along the coast.



Soon after this, the weather started to clear. A few miles along the road and the setting sun cast long shadows on a church and farm buildings located at the edge of the fjord.


Church And Farm Buildings, Bitrufjordur

Eventually, I arrived back at Saeberg as it was getting dark.

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