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Icelandic Horses

It was Angela’s last day in Iceland before returning to Denver. We headed east on Highway 1 and stopped at the geothermal power generation station, located about 20 miles from Reykjavik. There are guided tours of the power station, but we missed the last one of the day. However, we did get to see the presentation materials and also the turbine halls located in the main building.

Angela also wanted to make some photos of sheep and horses. Both animals can be seen in great numbers in the fields along the roadsides in Iceland. We headed to Hveradgerdi and left the highway for one of the side roads. After a few miles, we found one field that had both sheep and horses. Both Angela and I made started making some photographs of the horses.


Icelandic Horse No 1

When the horses saw us, they headed over to see us for some attention. These horses are really sociable — both among themselves and also near people — and enjoy the attention of visitors.


Icelandic Horse Close Up

This horse started nibbling my jacket!


Icelandic Horse No 2

These two horses were lined up behind one another. I captured both pairs of ears in this image.


Icelandic Horses, Two Pairs Of Ears

The remaining images are of a pair of horses having some fun.


Horses, Having Fun

I like this image of the pair.


Horses, Having Fun, No 2

And this one.


Horses, Having Fun, No 3

Angela headed over to make some images of the sheep. In contrast to horses, Icelandic sheep are very skittish. Of course, as soon as they see, the sheep run away!


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