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Reykjavik — Hallgrimskirkja, Cafes and Harpa

It was a Monday morning and we decided to visit the Hallgrimskirkja. This church is one of the highest points in Reykjavik. The building also happens to be on the top of the above the city. We took the elevator up to the viewing deck. Here is an image made from the viewing deck, looking out across the harbor and the North Atlantic ocean. In the distance, across the bay, is the headland where the town of Arkanes is located.


View From Hallgrimskirkja

Looking down from the other side of the church, I noticed the dome at the end of the church.


View Above Church Roof

The church is constructed from concrete. Here is an image from one side of the main entrance. The viewing deck is behind the arched windows, just above the clock faces. The clocks are no longer functional.


Hallgrimskirkja Church Tower

After leaving, we headed down the street in front of the church, where we stopped for coffee at one of the cafes. There are some colorful buildings in this street. I found a mural on the side wall of one the cafes.


Cafe Mural, Reykjavik

Overcast weather was starting to build up behind the colorful Cafe Babalú.


Cafe Babalú, Reykjavik

Further down the street, I found the Joylato. There were two people inside gazing out through the window.


Joylato, Enjoying Waffles, Coffee

Later we headed down to the harbor area and then walked to the Harpa Concert Hall. The outer walls of this building comprises hexagonal honeycomb shaped windows. Occasional panes in the wall have different colors, as can be seen in the image below.


Harpa Concert Hall Glass Wall

Looking up, the hexagonal honeycomb pattern is repeated in the mirrored ceilings. The honeycomb theme is actually based on basalt. When molten magma cools, it crystallizes into hexagonal columns as basalt rock. Basalt may be found in many locations in Iceland; hence the theme for the Harpa.


Looking Up At Harpa Ceiling

While waiting inside Harpa, I made this image of a visitor waiting outside.


Waiting Outside Harpa

There were several people gathered inside. Looking down, I noticed several reflections from the floor. One of the images I made was this pair of shoes. Having a meeting?


Shoes Meeting, Harpa

After the weather lifted, we headed out for another location.


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