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Hot Dogs In Reykjavik

After the Golden Circle tour, we spent the Sunday in Reykjavik. Tomas, our walking tour guide, recommended having hot dogs at the BBP hot dog stand. Tomas stated that this was the “most popular restaurant” in Iceland!  It is also the best hot dog stand in Iceland. President Bill Clinton even had a hot dog here. Check their web site at www.bbp.is. Every day that we were here, there were always lines of people waiting for hot dogs. So we waited for ours too. That is Angela on the right hand side of the image.


BBP, Best Hot Dogs In Iceland

One other attraction of Reykjavik is the Flea Market, that Tomas recommended to visit. This market is only open at the weekend, so this was the only opportunity that we would have. There is wide variety of different vendors in the indoor Flea Market, selling goods such a wool sweaters, clothing, used books (in Icelandic), vinyl records, videos, fish and some other foods.


Reykjavik Flea Market Woolens

Here is another booth lined with coats and jackets.


Coats And Jackets In Flea Market, Reykjavik

After spending a couple of hours in the Flea Market, we headed back along the Old Harbor walk. There are many very colorful buildings along the walk. I stopped to make this image of the teal colored building. The red stripes and orange paving provide a great color contrast.


Harbor Walk

I found one “porthole” in the wall by the harbor. During previous visits to Reykjavik, several boats were hauled out of the water and up the ramp at this location. This included cleaning the hull and repainting. Not much activity on this day.


Reykjavik Old Harbor

It had rained earlier in the day, so there were puddles of water that allowed me to capture some reflections along the harbor walk.


Reflections Along Harbor Walk

I had mentioned to Angela that there was a pretty drive along a nearby fjord. Hvalfyorður is located about 25 kms (15 miles) north of Reykjavik on Highway 1. The highway to Arkranes bypasses the fjord through a tunnel below the fjord. With the tunnel handling most of the traffic, there is very little traffic around the fjord. One has to leave the highway before arriving at the tunnel. The road around the fjord is about 100 kms in length. However, we only had to drive a short distance to reach on of my favorite waterfalls along this road (Laxa I Kyos).


Waterfalls Laxa I Kyos, Hvalfjorður

These falls are located on private land adjacent to the road and are crossed by a short single lane bridge.


Waterfalls Laxa I Kyos, Hvalfjorður, No 2

During World War 2, the fjord served as an anchorage for allied ships sailing between the US and UK. After the war ended, most of the structures in the fjord and buildings along the shore were removed. Only the jetty remains, but is a fair distance from the road.

After spending about an hour in the fjord, we headed back to Reykjavik. The sun was setting behind some clouds hanging above the North Atlantic ocean.


Sun Setting Behind Clouds, North Of Reykjavik

I could not resist making these images of the setting sun, after a couple of overcast days!


Sunset, North Of Reykjavik

By the time we arrived back, it was dark… just in time for dinner.


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