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Crush Festival, Rino District — continued — Night Shoot

The annual Crush Festival took place in the Rino District this last weekend. Our night shoot Meetup Group had organized to make photographs of the event. It was good to meetup with the group again. After outlining a plan of action in one of the parking lots, we headed out to find some new muralists and their murals.

The murals were not only confined to building walls in the street and back alleys. This is no longer a yellow bus!


Not A Yellow Bus, On Larimer Street

Earlier this year, I visited the alley where the mural below was made. The mural has changed! While setting up camera on a tripod, the image on the back of the camera looked like a car — purple grill with two headlights.


Mural With Twin Portholes

Maybe it is supposed to be an illusion? The two porthole windows form a clever part of image. An eye in the lizard (?) on the left, and an eye on the human face on the right.

Nearby I found a line of spray canisters sitting on the wall. Twelve of them, and — yes — I counted them!


Twelve Spray Canisters Sitting On The Wall

This artist — I’m guessing he is D!nkc — since he was adding his logo to a mural on this wall. He was one of many artists that made use of scissor lifts to reach the top of the building walls.


D!nkc At Work, Rino District

Looking back along the alley, D!nkc was busy at work. Setting up the camera for another image, I captured a couple of photographers too. That looks like Sean in the foreground. This image looked better as a monochrome image.


Alley Muralists, Rino District

After dark, several artists had to continue to work with headlamps. In this image, the alley looks like a riot of color.


Working Under Headlamp, Rino District

Further down the alley, another artist was on a scissor lift. In this image, the street light in the alley cast his shadow on the wall. This image really works much better as a monochrome image — the shadow is more pronounced.


Shadowed Artist, Rino District

Finally, I headed back home, passing the parking lot with the truck mural painters. Stopping at the parking lot, this artist had made considerable progress on the image of the eagle.


Eagle Artist, Rino District

A fun evening!


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