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Crush Festival, Rino District

This weekend was the annual Crush Festival in the Rino District. Our night shoot Meetup Group met for this event last night. Here are some images that I made before our group met. In this image, this lady was busy painting a mural on the side of a truck that was parked in one of the parking lots.


Lady, Painting The Lion

Many of the murals in the Rino District appear in the back alleys. Several groups of muralists could be found working on their art. This muralist was busy putting finishing touches on this dragon.


Muralist And Dragon, Rino District

“The Letter S”. Another muralist adding finishing touches.


The Letter S

Murals in this area typically cover a huge area for the buildings. This artist was putting finishing touches to what appears to be bubbles. I am guessing that this artist is Gordon Pryor, from his tee shirt!


Muralist At Work, Rino DIstrict

Nearby these spray canisters were parked on the top rungs of a ladder — ready for access by artists on platforms.


Spray Canisters On Ladder

This striking mural grabbed my attention with its’ hot colors. Several spent spray canisters were parked in the alley.


Spent Spray Canisters

Most of the murals were created using spray paints, so these spray canisters could be found in the alleys.

Soon after making this image, I headed over to join our photo group. To be continued…


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