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Bird Life At Chatfield — Labor Day

Last week, Angela visited Chatfield State Park and related how many birds were seen at Chatfield. Apparently some 80 Pelicans were sighted. This morning, I headed out at sunrise. The sky was hazy from wildfires that are burning to the north and west of Colorado. Out near the sandbar, were a few Pelicans that I managed to capture.


Pelicans At Chatfield State Park

Returning to the parking lot, several children found some “ducks”. A family of Common Mergansers were swimming rapidly away from the kids! In this image, are 7 immature Mergansers following after a parent who is outside the frame.


Common Merganser Family, Chatfield

One Merganser turned around, in this image.


Common Merganser, Chatfield

There is also a pair of immature Cooper’s Hawks a few hundred yards from where I had parked. As I approached, I could hear their calls. Apparently they are still too young to hunt for themselves, and were calling to their parents for food. The first hawk, was close to the parking lot, and quite visible.


Cooper’s Hawk No 1, Chatfield

While observing, I heard a call from the second hawk, that was in a tree about a hundred yards behind me. I successfully captured an image before the hawk took flight.


Cooper’s Hawk No 2, Chatfield

By this time, the park was becoming more crowded as people arrived to celebrate a day in the park for Labor Day. Time to go!


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