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Sunflowers 2017

This is the time of year that sunflowers are in bloom. A few weeks ago I found some sunflower fields to visit but the flowers had weeks to go before blooming. On Saturday, I made my first trip to this location, where the flowers had started to open. Here is the first image for 2017.


Sunflower 2017, No 1

I then decided for another image of this plant. In this image, I took care to include the entire leaf at bottom left in the frame.


Sunflower 2017, No 2

I found a sunflower that had not opened fully. One can see a hint of yellow in the center of the budding flower. Also, if you look carefully, you may be able to see a ladybug near the bottom of the flower head. Sunflowers have really attractive leaves. The white veins add lots of contrast and texture to the leaves. Something that I want to explore this summer.


Sunflower Bud, With Ladybug

The back of the sunflower head, and the thick stems are covered with hairs that add texture the to plant.


Sunflower Opening

Another image look at the side of the flower…


Sunflowers, No 3

In this image, I included three sunflowers.


Three Sunflowers

Enjoy. More to come later.


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