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Morning At Botanic Gardens

Sunday morning, Carey and I headed out to the Denver Botanic Gardens. The skies were overcast and the weather was threatening to drizzle. Perfect weather for outdoor flower photos. I found this ornamental kale plant — the leaves make an interesting circular image.


Leaves, Botanic Gardens

The “El Pomar Waterway” is lined with aloe plants in the water channel. The walls of the waterway were painted in a deep yellow color. I chose to split the image with the yellow and white wall at the entrance of the waterway.


Split, Botanic Gardens

There are several ponds with lily pads and lotus flowers. In this image, it appears that the lotus flower and pads are in flight!


Lotus Flower Pads, In Flight

I found this open flower with two buds in the background. This just looked stunning against the huge green leaves.


Flower And Buds, Botanic Gardens

We found some purple flowers. I titled this one “Purple Horn”. I think Carey captured a similar image on his website at http://inasphere.com.


Purple Horn

One of the ponds had these huge lily pads. However, in the image below, it was the reflections of the plants in the water, at the lower left corner, that caught my eye. The red lotus flower draws the eye to this corner. Perhaps I should do some more work with this image!


Lily Pads And Reflections

I made this candid image of Carey while talking photography!


Carey, Botanic Gardens, 2017

In this final image, I managed to capture two bees in this flower. The bees are always on the move, so I had to take several images, to freeze the action a little.


Bees Gathering Nectar, And Pollen, Botanic Gardens

Soon after this, we parted ways as Carey had another appointment for the day.

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