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Visit To England — part 3 — Whitstable

Angela, Susan and I spent two nights in Whitstable while visiting family in Herne Bay. We spent a day in Whitstable by heading to Forge Oyster Bar. Here the girls indulged in oysters. Not being an oyster lover, I had two donuts — they were tiny!!!


Forge Oyster Bar, Whitstable

The bar had oysters for sale on a bed of ice.


Whitstable Oysters

We visited the harbor. About this time the tide was going out.


Whitstable Harbor

At the harbor wall, two ladies were sitting reading. One lady was reading a book, the other, reading a phone?


Ladies Reading, Book And Phone

Along many beaches in Kent, may be found beach beach huts. These are typically used as change rooms and to shelter from the elements while visiting the beach.


Colorful Beach Huts

Later that afternoon, we visited a beach close to Whistable, where we discovered that there were some birds.


Beach Near Whitstable

Situated out to sea, off the north Kent coast, is a wind farm. The wind turbines are anchored to the sea bed.


Wind Farm At Sea Near Thames Estuary

Here are Angela and Susan looking out for birds among the wetlands located away from the beach.


Angela And Susan, Whitstable

After dinner, I headed to the harbor to catch the sun setting over the Thames estuary.


Sunset At Whitstable

The next day we met with Angela’s sister before heading back to Surbiton that afternoon.


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  • Janine Fugere July 19, 2017, 10:53 am

    Lovely post Match! You really gave me beautiful memories of sailing with my late father, and enjoying fresh oysters from his own personal oyster bed. Granted, this was not in England. I grew up sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and, later in my life, my parents owned water-front property on Bell’s creek, a tributary of the Rhappahannock River, in Lancaster, Virginia. That is where Dad had his oyster bed. I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled, as periodically, Whole Foods has Rhappahannock Oysters. Not quite as good as Dad’s, mind you, but enough to bring fond memories. was on his Enjoy the rest of your travels! Best, Janine Fugere

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