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More Images From Monte Vista

During the trip to Monte Vista, I found this male Red-Winged Blackbird among the cattails. Like many of the blackbirds, he was calling out. It was fascinating to watch these birds. They have to take a big breath of air to vocalize their call. So their bodies and wings spread out, as we can see in the image below.


Red-Winged Blackbird Calling, Monte Vista

For much of the day, clouds were stacked up above the mountains to the west. As the sun set, the colors of the clouds warmed with the setting sun.


Clouds Over Western Mountains, Monte Vista

To the east, a single cloud caught the last rays of the sun.


Sunset Light On Single Cloud, Monte Vista

Early the following morning, I headed out to the Wildlife Refuge before sunrise. As the sun rose, I made this image of the sunlight streaming in front of Blanca Peak.


Spring Sunrise Blanca Peak, From Monte Vista

I spent a couple of hours near the wetlands that morning. The Coots were very active that morning. I am not sure whether the Coots were establishing their territory or whether they were courting. This image was made as one Coots was chasing another across the water.


Coots Chasing… Monte Vista

The Canada Geese were out to be found everywhere. I found this courting pair.


Canada Geese Courting, Monte Vista

What big tongues geese have!

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