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Afternoon In Rino District

On Saturday, ten days ago, our Meetup group planned to visit a few galleries in the Rino District during the evening as part of the Denver “Month of Photography” event that takes place every two years. I took the opportunity of get there a couple of hours early to make some images. There are many murals in the area. This yellow and blue color contrast makes this mural really striking.


Parking Lot Mural, Lx Kuhn

Now that I have your attention… This mural of a boy decorates one side of the fins protruding from the front of the building.


Larimer Street Boy Mural

Walking down the street to the other side of this building, we see a different image — of a girl — on the other side of the fins. Apparently, these two murals will be replaced later this year!


Larimer Street Girl Mural

Later, after the clouds cleared, I made another image of the view down Larimer Street. The colors of the girl mural were warmed by the sunlight. What is more interesting about this mural is the shape of the girl’s head. Moving away from the far side of the street and shooting from a distance, radically alters the perspective of the mural.


View Along Larimer Street, Rino District

In one of the alleys, I found this porthole window that became part of the mural. I always prefer to find something to add to an image of a mural. In this case, I moved around to include a reflection in the window.


Rino Alley Porthole Reflection

In the following image, I chose to use the window frame as a frame around the reflection of the mural on the other side of the street.


Framed Reflection, Larimer Street

In an adjacent street, I arrived as the sun was dipping low in the sky. The low angle of the sun enhanced the color contrast of the orange and blue walls of this building. I also like the diagonal stripe of the sunlight on the pavement.


Orange And Blue, Rino District

It was getting close to the time to join the Meetup group. Walking along an alley, I found a manhole and a reflection of a streetlight in a water puddle.


Alley Reflection, Manhole And Streetlight

As night approached, I found another reflection, this time a blue stripe in a window. I’m not sure what caused the reflection — looks like some light fitting inside the building.


Blue Stripe Reflection, Larimer Street

After hooking up with the Meetup group, we headed to the Redline Gallery. One exhibit inlcuded moving lights that cast shadows on the wall. I waited until some visitors walked in front of the lights to create this final image of the night.


Wall Shadows, Redline Gallery

That concludes the images for the day (and night).

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