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First Friday Art Walk, March 2017

Last Friday was the first Friday Art Walk along Santa Fe Blvd. Visiting the Denver Art Society, I found one artist’s exhibit in the basement. As I approached the display, I saw this landscape composition. The foreground is a a landscape formed from cotton or some other fabric. The background was a painting.


Fabric Mountain Landscape. This is the regular color image with a slight contrast adjustment.

This would be interesting to interpret in some other ways. First was a regular monochrome image.


Fabric Mountain Landscape, BW. This is a regular black/white monochrome image with no toning.

I wonder what would happen with toning the image. This is something that I should experiment with in the future.


Fabric Mountain Landscape, Toned. This black/white monochrome image has been toned with pale yellow in the highlights and cyan in the shadows.

Moving around the gallery exhibits, I found this piano. In this image, the keys look like a road receding into a landscape. This pattern of receding keys is interrupted by the single white key that can be seen in the foreground. It is this key that really makes the image — to my mind, at least.


Piano Key Landscape, Art Walk

Another artist was exhibiting pottery lampshades. I make this composition of the pieces laid out on the shelf.


Pottery Lamp Shades

In this final image, I found a group of paint brushes in a coffee mug. I was drawn to this image by the fan-shaped brush hairs.


Artist Paintbrushes, Santa Fe Blvd

These images were posted late because my computer died over the weekend!

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