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Photowalk In The Five Points Neighborhood

Sunday, Carey and I headed out to explore and make some photographs in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver. Carey made some images that he also shared on his website. This neighborhood has some really old buildings and is close to Downtown. After parking the car, we headed along Welton Street. The first colorful building we encountered was this restaurant, that served Caribbean foods.

1905-0009-Caribbean-Food-American Soul Food

Caribbean Food, American Soul Food

The Hatter Dashery store across the road has a handsome entrance.


Hatter Dashery Entrance, Five Points

We stopped outside one block of apartments. Looking up, I noticed two dogs looking out from the 3rd or 4th floor balcony.


Apartment Dogs, Five Points

From a previous visit, I remember that one of the nearby buildings had an interesting wall along the parking area. I headed there but discovered that the wall had been repainted — that would be the beige wall on the left had edge of the following image. Take a look at an image that I made at this location two years ago. However, the back wall on the second floor had an unusual mural.


Second Floor Mural, Five Points

In the following image, I wanted to make an image that included a passerby walking past the downward facing mural head. We waited a few minutes for a pedestrian who was walking his dog. Unfortunately, he headed off in a different direction. There was no one else nearby… except for the two of us.


Mural And Walker

Along the wall of the Media Center building, is a wall with mosaic and mirror tiled feature. I always seem to make and image of the reflections in the mirror tiles. So here is another.


Mosaic And Mirror, Five Points

Several homes along the street have immaculately groomed, small yards. This is one example.


Neat House And Yard

There is one building that looks like is served as a gas station during the 1950’s. The gas pumps are long gone, but the building looks like it is awaiting restoration or another owner.


Old Gas Station, Five Points

While making one image, Carey hid behind a lamp pole. I made several images of him looking out from behind the pole. Maneuvering around, I think this was the best angle before he noticed me and we headed down the street!


Carey, Behind Lamp Post

Our final stop, was the “Rolling Pin Bakery”.


Rolling Pin Bakery, Five Points

We enjoyed a croissant and coffee for lunch, talking about photography and software. Along the wall behind the serving counter is this interesting collection of rolling pins mounted to the wall.


Rolling Pins

We enjoyed the photowalk and look forward to more in the future.


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