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Ducks In The South Platte River

Most modern cameras have some form of auto-focus capability. One feature of my cameras is the ability to track moving subjects, attempting to maintain focus. Over the last two weekends, I decided to try out how this works. It took a couple of days to figure out that I had a lot to learn! After a couple of attempts, I discovered that the AF-C function was not enabled. Consulting some You Tube videos, I learned how to set this up. On Saturday, I made some images along the South Platte River to get the feel of the focus tracking.

Mallards and Canada Geese were the most common birds along the river. In this image, I did not really need to use focus tracking, but I did nail the focus on male duck from this pair of Mallards.


Mallard And Mate, Platte River

On the previous weekend, several Mallards were exercising their wings while paddling in the river. I spent a long time waiting for the Mallards in the river to repeat the movement this weekend. There was only one Mallard that performed this movement and I was lucky enough to capture the following image.


Mallard Stretching Wings, Platte River

I was particularly pleased with this second image of a male Mallard. Neither image really exercised the focus tracking, but I got to exercise some new skills.

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