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Touring Turkey — part 9 — Konya

After leaving Aspendos, we headed inland to Konya. This city is well known for the Islamic poet Rumi. He lived and practiced in Konya. His tomb (or mausoleum) is located in the Mevlana Mosque in Konya. This mosque also includes the Mevlana Museum that have several exhibits relating to Rumi and Sufism.


Rumi’s Tomb, Konya

This mosque is another that has really interesting ceilings. Above this chandelier is this exquisitely detailed ceiling.


Ceiling Detail Above Chandelier, Konya Mosque

Leaving the mosque, one passes by these heavy wooden doors.


Mosque Door, Konya

Turning around after leaving the mosque, I looked up to admire the stonework above the door. I converted this image to monochrome because it renders detail much better that the color version.


Stonework Detail Above Door, Konya Mosque

In the center of the mosque courtyard is the ablution fountain. I made this image by focusing on the fountain. This shows the flowing water but allows the fencing to blur out of focus.


Ablution Fountain, Konya Mosque

I made my way around and out of the courtyard. There a graves from several of the Imams who served in the mosque. These tombs have elaborate headstones. As the sun was setting, the headstone caps cast shadows on other nearby headstones.


Imam Grave Headstone, And Shadow, No 1

I headed back into the courtyard where I made some more images, including this one showing several people moving between various the museum rooms.


Mosque Courtyard, Konya

Those headstones intrigued me, so I headed back to see the changing light of the setting sun. The angle of the sun had changed, creating shadows from different headstone caps.


Imam Grave Headstone And Shadow, No 2

Then I went to the wall at the back, where the three headstones projected three shadows on the wall.


Headstone Shadows, Mosque Konya

We made our way to the gardens at the entrance to the mosque and museum complex. Here I captured the light from the setting sun.


Mosque At Sunset, Konya

We headed to the hotel by bus. After checking in, night had arrived and it was dinner time. Our restaurant was near to the mosque and museum. I took this opportunity to make an image of the mosque lit up against the night sky.


Mosque At Night, Konya

On the next morning, I headed out of the hotel at dawn. Sunlight was streaming down the street casting long shadows. I waited at this spot until some guys walking to work entered the frame to create this image.


Walking To Work, Konya

Further down the street was a conical fountain in one of the parks. Here the backlit water drops were spraying down the fountain in this image.


Conical Fountain, Konya

There was a huge paved courtyard nearby, where huge flocks of pigeons had congregated. I found this gentleman feeding some of the pigeons.


Feeding The Pigeons, Konya

On the roof of a nearby mosque, a flock of pigeons had roosted on the uneven brickwork.


Pigeons On Roof, Konya

Then it was back to the hotel for breakfast.

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