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Cherry Creek Arts Festival, part 2

One of the most interesting artists at the festival create glass sculptures. These resembled hollowed glass ball with open sides. The most interesting feature was found when looking into the reflections on the inside surfaces of the exhibit. These reflections created virtual images of various features, of the sculpture and surrounding environment.


Glass Sculpture, Virtual Image

Nearby, another artist had sculptured pieces that included glass elements. I was intrigued by the color contrast of the blue/teal glass, and the orange/brown rusted components.


Sculptured Patterns

Heading home at the end of the day, we passed a planter that had several summer flowering plants in contrasting colors.


Summer Flowers, Cherry Creek

Besides the banks for the flowing water of Cherry Creek, several milk flowers can be found. In this image, I converted the image to monochrome with Snapseed. This really helped to shown the contrast of the pale pink/white flowers against green background foliage.


Milk Weed Along Cherry Creek

Finally, I found a tall thistle close by. This image was process in the “Mobile Monet” application, which allowed me to exclude the busy background foliage surrounding the thistle.

Thistle Along Cherry Creek

Thistle Along Cherry Creek



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