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Sunrise At Greenwood Village

During January, the sun rises soon before I arrive at Arapahoe Station. Here are some images made at sunrise over the last two weeks. At Samson Park, this lake is frequented by Canada Geese.


Reflection At Sunrise In Samson Park

At Arapahoe Station, building contractors recently completed the Cobank building. Several fountains have been installed in front of the building. I made this image of the reflection in the still water.


Reflection In Fountain, Arapahoe Station

Here is another image from a different angle.


Sky Reflections In Fountain, Arapahoe Station

Close by are several tables and chairs. I have always seen empty chairs — probably too cold for people to be sitting outside this early in the morning during winter!


Empty Chairs, Arapahoe Station

Last week, we had some overcast weather. I managed to make this image of the fountain when water was flowing. I am never sure when the fountains are active — on many mornings they are inactive.


Fountains At Sunrise, Arapahoe Station

These fountains appear to use heated water — this probably explains while they sometimes appear misty.


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