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Christmas Decorations… And More Snow — wk 51

This week we received some 10 inches of snow. After a couple of days, the skies cleared. Walking to work, I passed by these Christmas decorations at Arapahoe Station.


Xmas Decorations, Arapahoe Station

Near the pond at Tuscany Plaza, I found some tracks left by a critter that had been running across the snow the night before.


Tracks In The Snow, Tuscany Plaza

This year the pond was frozen over. Usually there are a couple of open areas in the ice, directly above some water jets that circulate water around the pond. Those critters may have been out looking for Canada Geese, that were absent this morning.

Yesterday morning the warmer weather added to the snow melt. Earlier that morning, a bright green dumpster was parked in the parking lot outside the office. The green was reflected off the wet pavement. I also included the three red cones into the composition for this image to provide some contrast to the green and black.


Green Dumpster And Red Cones At The Office

Leaving work, I was curious to see how the lobby would look with a fisheye lens. The light levels were low at the end of the day, so I placed the camera against the wall to reduce camera movements before taking the image. This lens distorts all lines so careful composition is required. In this image, the leading lines converge upon the lady carrying packages. I like the effect of the reflections of the water in the pond.


Lobby And Fountain, Office

This evening, I made the following image of our Christmas lights. In previous years, the lights were attached to our house. Recently we have bee decorating our spruce tree.


Christmas Lights At Home, 2015

This is the first time that I captured our lights.


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