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Clear Creek, Golden — wk 32

Yesterday I attended the Colorado Photo Festival in Golden. During the lunch break, I headed down to Clear Creek. As I left the American Mountaineering Center, I passed by these bicycles lurking behind corner of the building.


Bicycles, American Mountaineering Center

Last year, at the same event, the trail along the creek was closed and under some 3-4 feet of water. This time, the trail was busy, with people taking advantage of the water in the summer heat. So I found a spot under the bridge to observe the action.


Hurrying Along, Under The Bridge

I zoomed out, to capture the leading lines formed by the concrete joints in the following image.


Under The Clear Creek Bridge, Golden

A gap in the bridge, allowed the sunlight to stream down into the creek, creating these stripes in the water.


Sunlight Stripes, Clear Creek

Tubers were lazily floating down the creek. At the bridge, they would leave the water, pick up their tubes and head back upstream. I was intrigued by the clear centers of the tubes, that showed a hint of the tubers. Following a couple of tubers, I made this image.


Tubers, Clear Creek Golden


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