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Buildings In Blue and A Cool Bike — wk 29

Walking back to the light rail station after work, I pass the Arapahoe Station #3 building that is still under construction. On Friday, there was light overcast skies that made for some great light for photographs. In this image, it created interesting reflections in the glass. This is another one of those “Blue Buildings” that I pointed out in a post earlier this year. In this image, I cropped to a square to exclude distracting construction equipment on either side of the building.


Arapahoe Station 3 Building, In Blue

Continuing on there is another building, adjacent to the station, also in blue. The cloudy sky really makes the blue buildings stand out.


Another Building In Blue, Near Arapahoe Station

At Arapahoe Station is a huge water fountain. I switched to the fisheye lens to exaggerate and distort the circular retaining wall around the fountain. Fortunately, the pedestrian on the left side walked into the frame to include some human interest.


Fountain, Arapahoe Station, Fisheye View

Walking around the station, I found this abandoned coke can on the ticket validator.


Coke Can Validator

Exploring further, there is a glass enclosure to provide some shelter against the cold in the winter months. I created this composition using the reflections. There is just the right amount of light reflecting off the glass, to balance the light coming through the glass from the far side.


Arapahoe Station, Reflection In The Glass

I met this man who was sitting astride his bike. I complemented him on his “cool bike”. As I motioned to make this image, he got off the bike. I shot this image and showed him the result. He did not realize how wide the view was, but like the result!


Man With His Cool Bike

Leaving the train at DU, I wandered around the station and parking garage to search for some more unusual angles. There is a tunnel under the garage that leads to the sidewalk along the street.


Transfer… Tunnel, DU Station

While shooting here, I noticed some bikers riding outside. I waited by the entrance to the tunnel, until another person approached. I dashed inside an waited for the biker to pass by in the following image.


Biker, Outside The Tunnel

These fisheye images were made with Rokinon 8mm lens on a Fuji X-E1. This is a fun lens to use from time to time.


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