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Denver Outlaws, Independence Day, 2015 — wk 27

Yesterday, Angela and I headed down to the Sports Authority Field at Mile High, also known as Mile High Stadium, to watch the Outlaws (Denver’s Lacrosse team) play the Boston Cannons. Soon after the game started, I made this image of the play unfolding before us.


Denver Outlaws At Mile High Stadium, July 4th

Unfortunately, Boston were just too strong a team and won 22-9. There was a crowd of about 31,000 watching the game. Following the end of the game, we waited for about 20 minutes for the Independence Day fireworks to start. I hardly ever get decent images of fireworks — this year was no exception! The iPhone’s auto-focus system just goes crazy in the dark and gave me out of focus images that I ended up deleting.

After the show, we slowly headed out. People were dressed in various combinations of red, white and blue. I passed this young girl wearing a tiny hat with red, white and blue, stars and stripes. This image was given the “Glaze” treatment to soften colorful tones.


Girl With Stars And Stripes Hat

I wanted to camera the “flow” of people heading out of the stadium exits. The regular camera app that I use (Camera+) does not allow long exposures. So I chose the “Slow Shutter” app that allowed me to make a few images. This was one image that I captured, with a slight saturation boost to enhance the red and green colors.


Leaving The Stadium

Here some folks that had some really cool clothing adorned with stars and stripes.


Wearing Stars And Stripes

After we left the stadium, we walked back to the light rail station. After crossing the South Platte River, we walked alongside the flowing water. The stadium lights were reflected in the fast flowing water. This was the first time that we had both seen the stadium in red, white and blue lights that were reflected in the flowing water.


Sports Authority Field, Reflections In The Platte River

I made one final image of the stadium from the light rail station. I liked the glow of the lights reflecting from the remnants of smoke left by the fireworks in the following image.


Sports Authority Field, From Light Rail Station

The station was packed with people waiting to board trains that were homeward bound but we did not have to wait long for out train.


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