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End Of Another Week Of Rain — wk 21

Yesterday was the end of another week of rain. Last night I headed down to the Metro State College Campus for some late evening and night photography. Soon after arriving, I made my way to this fountain located outside one of the English Department cottages.


Fountain, Metro State

As I made photographs, the rain started. That was the second rain storm that caught me during the day. In the early afternoon, I was in downtown Denver when hail and rain fell. At one intersection, there was a pool of water some 12 inches of water — water was erupting out of a manhole cover in the street.

Back to last night. I took shelter on the porch of the cottage to wait for the storm to pass. While waiting, I noticed the S-shape of the path in front of the cottage; the street lighting was reflected off the wet sidewalk.


Raining On Path, Metro State

After the rain passed, I resumed walking through the campus. At this location, a line of street lights lead to the tower in Elitch’s.


Looking Towards Elitch’s Tower

The tall buildings in downtown reflected the twilight remaining in the sky after the sunset.


Downtown Denver, After The Rain

Here is another image with three outdoor sculptures lining the walkways.


Sidewalk Reflections, Metro State

I headed in the general direction of the Elitch’s tower. As I walked, I noticed the image on the back of the camera that showed out of focus bokeh on the monitor. This looked interesting, so I setup the camera on tripod and created the following composition of the lights and walkway reflections.


Reflections And Lights, Metro State

Continuing down the walkway, I arrived at the Tivoli. After scouting some locations, I composed this image, with the two rocks in the foreground.


Tivoli, After The Rain

This was the last image before heading back home.


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