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South Platte River, Mile High — wk 10

After gym this afternoon, I headed down to the Platte River, close to Mile High Stadium. It has been a few years since I last made photographs in this area. With the light rail running through the area, there have been many changes. One of the river trails has moved! As I walked along the trail, the afternoon sunlight lit up various buildings and structures; these were then reflected in the river. The light rail bridge was reflected in the relatively slow flowing water.


Reflections Of Light Rail Bridge

The orange/brown steelwork reflecting in the water made the image above come to life. In the image below, I composed the lines of the steelwork against the blue sky.


Light Rail Bridge Steelwork

Farther along the trail, the power generating station was reflected in the river.


Power Station Reflection

The I-25 highway crosses the Platte River close by. After a couple of weeks of frigid weather, many people took to the trails to enjoy the sun. Under the I-25 bridge, I capture a lady in red walking the river trail.


River Trail Walker

The highway bridge was supported by several Y-shaped supports. In the following image, the sun was reflected by the river, lighting the underside of the bridge. This made an interesting image when converted to black and white.


I-25 Bridge Supports

I headed back towards the car through a construction yard parking lot that contained many pools and puddles from the melting snow and ice of the last week or two. In this image, the towers of the power station were reflected in the pools. There were some interesting clouds in the sky, that I included in the composition.


Tower Reflections In Parking Lot Puddle

Nearby was an alley that was decorated with some colorful murals, also reflected in the pools.


Mural And Reflecting Pool


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