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Walk Along The South Platte River — wk 3

Today, Angela and I made our way down to the river. Armed with binoculars we spotted a Cooper’s Hawk just after arriving at the river. We crossed the bridge to get a better look at the hawk. While looking down into the Platte River, I noticed the rust covered bridge components that I included in this image.


Looking Down Into The Platte River

Walking along the river, we spotted a variety of water fowl. This included many species of ducks as well as Canada Geese. Under the Evan Street bridge, I stopped to make several images. The sun reflected off the water casting pools of light onto the bridge pillar in the center of the river.


Reflections, Evans Street Bridge

Farther along the river, I noticed the clouds and blue sky reflecting in the river. The sun was shaded by some clouds at this point. As a result, there was no extreme contrasts that were introduced by bright sunlight.


Sky Reflections In The South Platte River

Near the Mississippi bridge a construction project was underway. The river was partially dammed to protect the downstream work area. A floating barrier was stretched across the river at this point. I carefully composed this image to put the orange barrier on a diagonal.


Floating Barrier In The Platte River

Soon after we turned back to head back home.

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