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Last Month’s Road Trip — continued

Continuing with last month’s road trip… Leaving Zion, I headed out to Death Valley. After setting up the camp site, I headed out to the Mesquite sand dunes before sunset. I located a spot where there were few footprints so I could capture pristine ripples in the sand.


Sand Dune Ripples, Death Valley

At this time of year, the sun is very low in the sky, so I had limited time to capture the dunes. The following day, I explored the area around the Furnace Creek campground. Along the edge of the golf course are several palm trees. These would make a distinctive image with infrared.


Palm Tree, Furnace Creek Golf Course

My trip continued on to the Alabama Hills, where I made this image of the Mobius Arch after sunset on the following day. Through the arch one can see Mount Lone Pine, one of the peaks in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.


Sunrise, Mobius Arch

I met a Swiss photographer who had spent the week making images around the South West. He had made some panoramas with his iPhone. That gave me an idea for my first image that I made with an iPhone on this trip! This image was made from the other side of the arch.


Mobius Arch Panorama


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