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Down By Cherry Creek Arts Festival

Every year, about July 4th, the Arts Festival takes place at Cherry Creek. Today, I visited the festival to appreciate the art on display. While meandering through the streets, I passed this building that looks abandoned. The main entrance was boarded up. This image was processed with the Dramatic BW app to give it a more gritty look of abandoned.


Abandoned Building In Cherry Creek

Returning home, I had to cross 1st Avenue. While waiting for the busy traffic to pass, I noticed this bike, strewn with flowing in the flower bed.


Ornamental Bicycle Among Flowers

Nearby were several bikes, decorated in bright contrasty colors.


Bicycles, Racked Up

On the return trip, crossing Cherry Creek, the clouds had moved in. This was great because the overcast skies removed the harsh shadows along the creek. This image was processed with Tangled FX, to complement the swirling water flowing away downstream.


Cherry Creek, Swirling By


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