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Moths And Insects At The Botanic Gardens

Last weekend we visited the Botanic Gardens at Chatfield to see moth collecting in action. After arriving, I had the opportunity of making some images of the sunset.


Clouds At Sunset, Botanic Gardens

After the sun had set, we met Matt and David who would be showing how moths are captured. But first, I found this tree with yellow needles, contrasted against a bed of violet larkspurs in the background.


Tree And Larkspur, Botanic Gardens

The above images were made with a Fuji XE-1, with minimal post processing. We made our way over to the moth collecting site, where David (an entomologist) had setup a sheet lit by incandescent light to attract moths and insects. Here is David busy at work.


David, Entomologist, At Work

I could not get the flash to work on the Fuji — I had set the camera into “Silent Mode”, which disables the flash and the volume control. So, my iPhone was used for David’s image. It was educational to find out about how insects and moths are captured. We also learned much about “what bug is that?”.

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