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A Selection Of Color

For this week, I found some colorful images that I made over the last couple of weeks. My gym recently acquired some kettle bells. Walking past these, I was drawn to the color of these weights that were haphazardly left at the edge an exercise area. This image was processed with Simply HDR to add some gritty texture to the bells and flooring mat on which they were resting.


Colorful Kettle Bells

Returning home after work, I passed by Tokyo Joe’s where their outdoor tables were adorned with red umbrellas. The overcast afternoon light was great for this scene, providing a giant softbox with few harsh contrasty shadows. This image was given the tangled treatment with the Tangled FX app. This added nice bright highlights to the image.


Red Umbrellas

Near the Light rail station are these slick shiny chrome water valves with red handles. The image was processed with Snapseed, adding some more contrast to the shadows from the overcast weather.


Shiny Chrome Water Valves

While passing outside the building above, cleaners were busy sweeping the floor inside the lobby. The lobby also has towering yellow strip lights illuminating the lobby. Tangled FX was used to give a pencil sketch-like effect to this scene. Only after processing the image, I noticed the shadowed reflection of myself at the left edge of the image. I decide to leave this patch of brighter color in the image to add to the color.


Yellow Strip Lights

The Downtown Denver Arts Festival takes place every year over the Memorial Day weekend. This is my favorite art show in the area. We meandered around the booths admiring various works of art on display. At one booth, an artist had several sculptures on display. I liked the effect of the orange lines radiating from the orb.


Sculpture, Silver And Orange

Adjacent to the above was another silver sculpture of a vase. The orange reflection, from the sculpture above, was reflected in the vase. This is what drew me to make both these images.


Reflection Of Silver Sculpture

At a nearby booth, another artist had oil paintings on display. The following image is a tiny section of some detail of one of the paintings. I was intrigued with how the color was created in the oils. The colorful underlay was covered with a layer of blue paint. This was then scraped off to reveal the underlying colors.


Oil Painting Detail

After leaving the festival, we stopped off to dinner at a nearby restaurant. Angela recently bought a pair of black and fluorescent green Nike shoes. These look really cool!


Angela’s Cool Nikes

While waiting for food to be prepared, I made an image of one shoe. This was then given the Simply HDR treatment to add some texture and contrast to the image.


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