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Night Shoot At Red Rocks

Last night, I joined the Illuminate Workshops meetup group for a night shoot at Red Rocks. We met well before sunset — but there was no sunset — it was overcast. This month there was a large crowd of photographers at the shoot. We met in the amphitheater where we did a group shot. Check the meetup site.

Red Rocks is pretty big so we soon spread out. Working my way around the amphitheater, I eventually ended up on the stage where I made this HDR image. Several areas of the amphitheater were roped off for repairs with marker flags. The red marker flags were flapping in the wind.


Red Rocks Amphitheater After Dark

Spotlights at the theater light up the rock walls on either side of the amphitheater. Walking up the stairs, I was intrigued by the lines formed by the blue sky reflecting from the railings.


Rock Wall, Stairs And Railings, Red Rocks

As the night got darker, I started making images of the the seating in the amphitheater. Several photogs were doing light painting. This upset the images that I was making, but I was rewarded with this one image that included their flashlight and the reflections from the seating.


Light Painted Seating, Red Rocks

Working my way the amphitheater, I noticed the pair of spotlights that was lighting up the north rock wall. These left beams of light against the deep blue sky.


Spotlights Shining Into The Night

Leaving the amphitheater, I noticed this lone pine silhouetted against the night sky that was lit by the lights of the city. This was balanced by the theater lighting on the rocks.


Lone Pine Against The Night Sky, Red Rocks

More images from this night shoot may be found at the meetup group site here.


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