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Rose, Bicycle And Snow Storm — wk 44

Whilst grilling last weekend, I noticed the patio light shining on our rose bush. What made this a striking image was the contrast of the reds and yellows of the rose against the deep blue of the twilight sky.


Rose At Twilight

While waiting for light rail at DU station, I noticed that most of the rental bikes had been returned to the rental rack. This must be near the end of biking season — the bike rack had been depleted for most of the summer at this time of the morning.


Bicycles, Human Powered

That night the snow came in — nice sticky wet snow. The ground at the station was still warm, so the snow melted. However, the snow stuck to everything above ground. I like the way the snow stuck to this bike, defining the tires and the spokes.


Snow Bicycle, DU

Walking down to work, the wet snow stuck to the trees, outlining the branches.


Snow Covered Trees

At the office the few remaining yellow leaves were lined with sticky snow.


Yellow Leaves Under Snow

During the last few days, I noticed the reflections in this fountain at Arapahoe Station. Most mornings, the sun casts harsh shadows across the fountain and the building reflected in the water. In this afternoon shot, the fountain and building were in shadow, making for a more pleasing image.


Fountain Reflections, Arapahoe Station

All images made and processed with an iPhone.


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