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Cosmic Backyard — wk 32

We have these really great Cosmos plants in our garden. I have always loved these plants since I first encountered them in South Africa. A few years ago,  we planted a handful in a flower bed. Every year, I harvest the seeds for the next season. Now, they even seed themselves. Every year we have a bank of Cosmos plants that grow 5 to 6 feet tall and flower in the late summer.

After listening to a podcast on macro photography last weekend, I decided to try some different techniques. My favorite podcast is “The Candid Frame“. This is just the best photography podcast out there. The podcast that I listened was an interview with the photographer Mike Moats. You may also find this on iTunes.


Red Cosmos

Cosmos flowers come colors that range from white to pink to red and dark purple. This is one of the dark ones.


Red Cosmos, No 2

Most of our flowers are purple, pink or white. I often like to make flower images from the side, or backlit from below.


White Cosmos

Here is a backlit image.


White Backlit Cosmos

Some Cosmos flowers even have white petals with red tips, but I did not make any images of those. One of the other bushes that we have is the Blue Spirea. Every year these bushes hosts dozens of bees collecting nectar from the blue flowers.


Blue Spirea

There are at least three species of bees that are attracted to the blue flowers. This include the little indigenous green bees, the giant bumble bee and many of the common honey bees. Recently the general bee population has been distressed, so it is great that we support a small population here.


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