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Summer In Infra Red — wk 27

Last week was time to make some more infra red images. Walking to work, I pass these two lights — street light and traffic light — every day.


Street Light And Traffic Light

Further down, the sidewalk passes under an avenue of trees. Looking upwards, the leaves of the trees always look good against a deep blue sky.


Trees And Leaves In Infra Red

Later in the week, we got plenty of clouds. This was good news this summer. We have had several really toasty summer days in the 90’s and 100’s. The firefighters in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins were working in extreme heat conditions. The clouds helped to bring cooler weather into the Front Range. The Ciber building appears to be in the clouds.


Ciber Building In The Clouds

Finally, an image of the dome in Samson Park.


Dome In Samson Park

For more information on Infra Red Photography, refer to my post here.


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