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iPhone Presentation

On Monday March 26, I gave a presentation on “iPhoneography” at the Denver Digital Photo Club. Presentation notes may be found on the “Files” page. During and after the presentation, I got lots of questions that I could not answer due to limited time, so I will attempt to answer them here.

Photo Album and Camera Roll

The iPhone (and iPad) has a “Photos” application which is a photo library that has several albums. When making images with the default camera app, all images are saved to an album called “Camera Roll”. Ok. So now that we have images on the camera roll, how to we transfer images to our desktop computers?

As a Mac user, I use the “Image Capture” app to transfer images to a hard drive; later I import manually into Lightroom. Also, Lightroom is able to import images from an iPhone or iPad to the hard drive and import into a catalog. For Windows, there are probably several ways of doing this. At least Lightroom should be able to do the job.

Camera Connection Kit

The iPad has a camera connection kit, that includes a card reader. Note that this an SD reader. So this is not an option for most of us with CF cards. There are several apps that transfer images from  iPhone to iPad.

From Computer to iPhone

The easy way to do this is to create a folder on your computer. Copy all the images into this folder. iTunes can be used to transfer images to your iPhone. Note that the images will be resized to fit the iPhone screen size before transfer. You may also create sub-folders below the image folder. When you transfer to the iPhone, each folder becomes a photo album.

App Recommendations

For those who want to get into iPhone photography, here are my app recommendations. Choose one or both of the following camera apps (I like both):

Both apps save images to a lightbox. After reviewing images, they can be save to the Camera Roll.

For post processing, I suggest that you start with Snapseed. This is a really amazing app from Nik Software. You can try some of the following apps:

Finally, if you are out in the field. Get Focalware. This app will calculate sunrise and sunset at different locations. The app links to the iPhone compass, so it shows where the sun (and also the moon) will rise and set.

iPhone Images

Many of the images that I printed and displayed at the club meeting may be found on this web site. Follow this link for a sample of blog posts that have iPhone images.


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