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Another Week In Infrared – wk38

We are fast approaching Fall, so the opportunities for infrared will become reduced. This week I made some more infrared images over the course of two days. On the way to work, I pass this parking garage. The trees taken on their typical characteristic appearance with infrared. A worker from garden services was also busy mowing the grass.


Entrance To Parking Garage

This was a typical Colorado sky with no clouds. You may even notice a white streak in the sky to the right of the second light. This is an aircraft that had recently taken off from one of the airports around Denver.

The walk down the sidewalk takes me under an avenue of trees. Looking up through the trees, I noticed this branch with leaves lit by the sunlight against the dark sky.


Looking Through The Tree

Further down the sidewalk, these Ponderosa pine trees were reflected in the pond.


Reflections In The Pond

On the next day, I made this image of the hedgerow with Ponderosa pine in the background.


Tree And Hedge In Infrared

Looking toward the south, we had clouds in the skies. This is an ideal condition because in brings some relief to the deep blue skies that appear almost black with infrared. Under normal conditions, this building appears a pale blue as it reflects the blue skies. However, it appears dark because little infrared is reflected.


Building And Clouds

Across from the our office is the Cascades building. This stands out nicely against the skies with the bright trees in the foreground.


Cascades In Infrared

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